What Religion Do The Blended Bunch's Shemwells Practice?

TLC's hit show "The Blended Bunch" documents the inner workings of real-life "Brady Bunch" the Shemwells and their madcap but totally love-filled household. As People notes, Erica and Spencer Shemwell sweetly found love with each other after both tragically losing their former spouses, thereby deciding to combine their 11 children into one big happy family. "The Blended Bunch" charts their lives as the Shemwells figure out how to make their 13-strong household function. 

Similar to other TLC shows such as "Welcome to Plathville" and "Counting On," both of which also feature huge families (The Plaths and the Duggars respectively), "The Blended Bunch" naturally invites a certain amount of questions about which religion the Shemwells practice. Considering there are a combined 11 children to contend with, and maybe even more on the way, it's worth noting that the featured family's faith chimes with their approach to having a huge, blended family. 

Mormonism brought The Blended Bunch stars together

As Distractify notes, the Shemwells live in Utah, suggesting they're Mormon. We also know they have a strong faith overall, since the couple has discussed it openly on "The Blended Bunch." The Shemwells understandably found common ground due to their shared loss. However, they also have a shared faith. Both were already active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they got married in 2019, and continue to be. Erica and Spencer met in an online support group for Mormon widows and widowers, with Spencer attending a conference in Utah just a month later, telling LDS Living, "It wasn't long after I got home that I felt a strong prompting from Heavenly Father that I needed to move my family to Utah [to be with Erica]." 

The dedicated father previously lived in Virginia with his four children. Utah is well-known as the hub of the Mormon religion with a significant population of practicing residents. Rather than blaming God for their hardship, the Shemwells use their faith to guide them during difficult moments. As Erica told Fox News, "We know Heavenly Father will provide what we need. It will be a fun journey." Spencer argued their situation isn't unique. He hopes viewers can learn the following lesson from watching their story. "If we push forward in faith and know that it's a part of Heavenly Father's plan, he will bless us. We've seen it. Blessings are in store for being faithful!"