How To Find Designer Brands At Goodwill

Goodwill and other thrift stores receive donations every single day, and because of this, they constantly have a new selection of items available for purchase. You can find everything from vintage pieces to contemporary clothing options and designer brands. While finding designer brands may seem like a rarity or some wild goose chase, it might actually be easier than you think.

The first thing you'll need when searching for designer brands at Goodwill is patience — and maybe coffee to keep your energy (and spirits) up! You may not find a designer item on your first, second, or even third time going, but if you give it time, something will come your way. In fact, to increase your chances, make sure you're checking all parts of the store — including the very back, the very front, everything in-between, and anything that may be in display cases behind the checkout desk — and come with a knowledge of designer brand logos (via SunSentinel). Designer items will be much easier to find if you know what you're looking for before you head to the store, but always make sure to authenticate them before you buy them. You can compare the logo and item to actual logo and item pictures online to double check that everything looks correct.

Here are some more tips on finding designer brands for bargain prices

In addition to knowing your brands and logos, know your locations. Going to a Goodwill in an area that has a higher population of wealthier people will yield better results (via SunSentinel).

When you've actually found a designer item, there are two things to remember. You should always try things on even if the designer item isn't your size, because brands size their clothes differently. Who knows? It might fit you perfectly! You also want to remember to only buy things that do fit and that you'll wear/use (via High Latitude Style). It's nice to find a designer item, but is it really worth it if it stays in the back of your closet forever? Of course, there are those who buy designer items to sell them for higher prices, but we recommend leaving them if they don't fit you for others that actually want them at a reasonable price.

Some final things to keep in mind are to always first circle the store's perimeter before diving into individual racks, always take one final sweep before you leave, and always keep in mind what you want because the brain continuously filters what it takes in based on our wants and thoughts (via Brianna Lamberson).

Ultimately, the biggest tip we can offer for finding designer brands at Goodwill or your local thrift store is just to look. Check every part of the store out, and don't be afraid to visit often because their stock is always changing.