Here's What It Really Means When You See A Ladybug

Most of us like ladybugs. Even people who recoil in horror at other insects and bugs will often view these red and black critters in a positive light, and it's easy to see why — after all, they're probably about as cute as a bug can be. They're pretty widespread (via San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance), being found in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and they're something of a common site outside, and even sometimes inside — even if you might not want them there! Their ubiquity has made them a big part of our culture and folklore, being immortalized through nicknames, nursery rhymes, and stories, and they're instantly recognizable due to their distinctive appearance.

What do ladybugs mean, though? If we look down and notice one on our coat or on the table, is there a deeper meaning that these insects signify, or are they just small beetles we often see? Here, we take a look at what it really means to see a ladybug, and what they can symbolize.

Ladybugs represent good fortune across the world

There are actually a lot of different associations with ladybugs around the world, but there are some that pop up more often than others. In general, ladybugs represent good luck and good fortune (via Ladybug Planet). Ladybugs signify prosperity too, so if you see a ladybug, it might mean that you're set for a boost in your financial, spiritual, or personal prosperity.

Meanwhile, if someone is recently married and sees a ladybug, it's said that the number of spots on the bug will indicate the number of children the couple will have together (via ThoughtCo.). The ladybug in Italian is even known as 'commarucia,' which means 'little midwife.' It's also thought that the ladybug symbolizes the human soul, and is protected by the Virgin Mary (via the University of Dayton) — as a result, rumor has it that if you kill a ladybug, you could be in line for nine consecutive days of bad luck. Speaking of bad luck, ladybugs can bite you too ....

Did you know that ladybugs are actually important to our world and benefit both humans and the environment, however (via Killingsworth Environmental)? As well as being pleasant to look at and representing good fortune, they eat a lot of smaller bugs that are considered pests, eating and destroying crops. There's certainly more to ladybugs than meets the eye, so be sure to think about what could be in store the next time you see one.