Here's Why You Should Think Twice About Waxing Your Arms

Summer's almost here, and you know what that means? Short skirts, dresses, and swimsuits here we come. For some, the changing of seasons does nothing to stop their beauty routine. But for others, body hair needs to be gone!

However, before you make your next wax appointment, there are some side effects from waxing that'll probably deter you from booking your treatment. We're focusing specifically on waxing your arms because, well, it hurts ... a lot, according to Bustle. But, it's not solely the pain you should consider, but also the skin irritation. The outlet reported that people who wax their arms are at risk of irritation, red bumps, and burning sensations that can last up to two days.

The skin irritation or the pain isn't even the worst of it! According to Beauty Image USA, you're more prone to sun exposure after waxing your arms. The outlet reported that you must put on more sunscreen or wear long-sleeved shirts outside after you've waxed your arms. If not, you're looking at a higher chance of sun damage, per Bustle, and what's the point of waxing your arms if you're just going to cover up (in the summer months, might we add) with long sleeves? 

There are hair removal methods that are much safer for arms than waxing

While waxing your arms might seem like a good idea at first, the cons surely outweigh the pros. However, this doesn't mean you have to go all summer wearing arm hair. There are other safe hair removal methods for your arms!

One removal method is called sugaring. A "cousin" to waxing, sugaring uses a honey-like paste made of sugar, lemon, and water to remove body hair, according to Byrdie. "The paste is put on the skin and hardens like a toffee-type of candy — this hardened 'sugar' is then quickly pulled off the skin and the hair that was on the body comes off with it, " Kristina Kitsos, a hair removal expert, told the outlet. Unlike waxing, this hair removal method does not require strips and lasts much longer with a growth time of four to six months (via Byrdie). Plus, the natural ingredients of sugaring make it perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Another hair removal method is an epilator, a device that grabs your hairs and pulls them out, according to Byrdie. While an epilator is similar to waxing, this method is more convenient as you can do it by yourself at home

Now that you know different hair removal methods, you can begin your summer with fresh, smooth, and hairless arms. Or, you can rock your body hair without a care in the world. It's your choice!