Ellen Pompeo's Home Is Absolutely Gorgeous

You likely know actor Ellen Pompeo best for her long stint as the star character in the hit series, "Grey's Anatomy." We enjoy watching Pompeo saving lives and finding love in this medical drama. But we wonder where she actually spends her time after taking off her scrubs and driving away from the set. Luckily for Pompeo fans, she's opened up her home for a showing via Architectural Digest. And if you have any doubts (we doubt you do), the TV doctor's home is absolutely gorgeous!

Pompeo is currently one of the highest-paid actors on television (via CBS News). Even knowing she brings home the bling, we're still surprised when she first opens her doors to Mediterranean-style villa perched high on the hills in Los Angeles. 'Villa' absolutely describes this place better than a 'house'. Pompeo is quick to reveal the original owner of the house was also an actor. It belonged to silent film star Antonio Moreno Jr. and it was finished in 1930 (via YouTube).

The giant space is filled with memorable details

The "Grey's Anatomy" star originally purchased the home in 2009 and enlisted the help of decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard. A designer who is also her great friend, and who has also previously designed two other homes with the actor. This particular project/villa took them nearly four years to complete (via AD). The house Pompeo shares with her husband and two daughters is filled with memorable details. The Moroccan accented kitchen, the 19th-century French fountain, and the almost cathedral-high ceilings all create a sense of openness. But without bringing the sterile vibe of oh, lets say, a hospital.

 "It's exactly what Martyn and I were going for — classic L.A. luxe with a contemporary twist," shares Pompeo (via AD). Mrs. McDreamy lists the three favorite parts of the house are the wood on the dining rooms walls, the added balcony, and the yard that they turned into a "full usable acre" (via YouTube).

Admittedly, we can't imagine the high drama and scrubs Pompeo's character is often surrounded by fitting anywhere in or outside her gorgeous home. And we're happy she has found a quite and personalized villa to rest her head at night.  "I literally put so much of my heart and soul into this house," reveals Pompeo. "It's my other form of creative expression" (via YouTube).