The Fool-Proof Way To Remove Your Eye Makeup Without Pulling On Your Skin

Taking care of the skin around your eyes is one of the most important beauty steps that many of us follow. With incredibly delicate cells around this area, even a mild pulling or prodding can lead to damaged lids, eyelash loss and even fine lines, Mindbodygreen reports. When you wash your face, only using gentle movements near your eyes can help prevent any of these side effects from occurring, and, of course, lightly dabbing your ring finger to apply products.

But, even if you're extremely cautious with the skin around your eyes, the way you take off your makeup could be causing your sparse lashes and tired-looking cells. The outlet suggests first taking a look at what's in your eye makeup remover to ensure that it doesn't have harsh ingredients that can wreak havoc on your skin. Many classic brands are made with alcohols and sulfates to break down mascara formulas and it can have a similar effect on your skin, inflaming your cells along the way. Furthermore, using a makeup wipe leads to abrasive pulling and friction along your skin.

With so many damaging options available, it's important to do your research and find what works best with your skin. Of course, pulling and harsh additives are likely not the answer.

Check to see if your face wash is meant to remove makeup

Now, if your go-to options are causing issues for your skin, what can you use? 

Glamour explains that many people tend to use face washes to remove their eye makeup — and these are usually not meant to take it off either. The outlet suggests using a cleansing balm or oil that works with your skin to remove your makeup. Rather than harshly scrubbing, however, move in gentle circular motions as the formula breaks down your face makeup — then use a different method for your eyes. Furthermore, the outlet notes, oil dissolves oil — so a gentle oil-based cleanser or remover can be incredibly effective without the need to pull on your skin.

When it comes to application, Mindbodygreen suggests letting the oil break down for at least a minute on your skin. Now that it's warmed up and fully activated, you shouldn't need to pull on this delicate area at all. You can also opt for a cotton ball to help you with this as well. Add your gentle remover — such as coconut oil or micellar water, the outlet notes — and simply press on your lid for 60 seconds or so. Oil-based makeup products should gently fall off and your final full facial cleanse should remove any stuck-on pigments.

Find out what type of makeup you're using and pair it with a substance that is able to gently lift it from your skin. From here, simply have some patience as you allow your remover to do its job — without the pulling.