These Are The Essential Oils That Help Relieve Period Pain

There seems to be an essential oil blend for everything these days — for good reason! Aromatherapy helps soothe different parts of the body and thus different ailments. Luckily, period paid is no exception.

Byrdie explains exactly why menstrual cramps come about and therefore why certain topical agents like pure essential oils can help. Ramona Fasula, a certified holistic health coach tells the outlet, "If the uterus contracts too strongly, it can press against nearby blood vessels and cut off the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissues in the uterus. When the oxygen supply is cut off, pain results."

With that in mind, it's best to find an oil that aids in circulation and contains anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, the outlet reports that cinnamon essential oil can bring some relief to more than your tastebuds. The anti-inflammatory effects of this scent work to soothe pain when applied to your abdomen. "Cinnamon oil alone has been studied as a treatment for menstrual cramps, and was found to be very effective at reducing uterine contractions," Dr. Jennifer Stagg adds.

You can take a few pointers from our ancient ancestors as well by adding a few drops of roman chamomile to your blend for an extra-calming supplement.

Essential oils work to relieve spasms and tension throughout your body

Even though your uncle may scoff at your affinity for essential oils, you can rest assured that there are scientific benefits behind the hype. These pure scents are "analgesic, antispasmodic, circulatory [stimulating] and sedative in nature, which helps to alter pain perception and pathways," Jean Liao, certified aromatherapist tells Bustle. When you find the right one, it can feel like a welcome addition to your self-care routine.

If you experience PMS symptoms beyond cramping like anxiety and irritability, the soothing, antispasmodic and sedative properties can help calm even the most agitated of moods. As for one that soothes the largest swath of issues, lavender oil should always be in your nightstand. Byrdie reports that this type of scent is proven to reduce pain and inflammation while calming your brain.

You can use lavender, cinnamon or roman chamomile on their own or make a blend — just make sure to add a carrier oil like jojoba before you apply to your skin. "Especially clove, research shows that clove in a massage oil blend decreased pain and menstrual bleeding," Liao adds. If you're looking for another option, clary sage is one of the most effective essential oils that helps relieve pain, only taking between 10 and 20 minutes in some cases.

There's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to essential oils. They help calm, relax and restore your body and your mind with just a few drops.