Here's What Alicia Kirgan From My 600-Lb Life Looks Like Now

It's hard being on a reality TV show where everyone has 24-hour access to your life. But it's even harder when you're broadcasting your fears and insecurities for the whole world to see. Take Alicia Kirgaan on "My 600-lb Life" for an example. Kirgan was first introduced on season six of the TV show, according to Distractify. Not only was she experiencing boyfriend issues, but she was also suffering from a food addiction — one that was going to eventually kill her, per the outlet.

Prior to the episode, Kirgan's relationship with Tim, her boyfriend, was working — both parties enabled each other's addictions (via The Cinemaholic). But once Tim came clean from his drug habit, their relationship slowly went downhill due to her eating habits. 

Kirgan also suffered from childhood trauma, which caused her unhealthy relationship with food and weight. The Cinemaholic reported that Kirgan turned to food as a source of happiness and comfort after watching her parents fight and drink as a child. "I started to put on weight at a young age, my childhood was very chaotic," she said (via QNews Hub). "I remember feeling like our family was different than others because it was my mom that worked to support a family of four, and my dad would go out to the bars drinking. I felt like my mom was angry, and had a lot of resentment towards him, so when he would come home, there was always a lot of fighting."

How Alicia Kirgan changed her life for the better

Tired of being unhealthy, Kirgan, like all of the stars in "My 600-lb Life," met with Dr. Now and entered his weight loss program to curb her 622 pound weight, according to Distractify. So far, Alicia Kirgan has lost over 300 pounds and is dedicated to improving her life. On top of that, she is committed to exercising three times a week. "My whole world has completely changed," Kirgan said in an episode of "My 600-lb Life: Where are They Now?" She continued, "I'm feeling more independent than ever, and I'm starting to figure out who I am and all the things I want out of life, so I couldn't be happier."

Kirgan shows her workout progress through her social media accounts (via QNews Hub). The outlet reported that she posts workout videos, before and after pictures, and inspirational photos for her fans. She has even shared trying new kinds of exercise, like rock climbing. "Rock climbing is so much fun and so exhausting," she said in a Facebook post, accompanying a video of her scaling an indoor rock wall. She's also enjoying getting outdoors and hiking in Oregon, sharing photos of beautiful beaches and mountains on Facebook. She's even teased about getting excess skin removal surgery on social media, a big milestone. Fans are now happily waiting for an update.

Alicia Kirgan and her husband eventually split

While Kirgan's weight loss initially helped her to reconnect with husband Tim, in 2020, the pair made the difficult decision to split. In a Facebook post, she shared, "It is with a heavy heart that Tim and I after much consideration and effort to try and make things work have decided to separate ... We still love each other and will remain friends and cheer each other on to live our best lives whether we are near or far. We unfortunately are just in different places in life right now and need to separate in order to grow. Tim is a wonderful man and I am so thankful and beyond blessed to have been able to share a good part of my life with him." 

While she is living her best life and is grateful that "My 600-Lb Life" helped her curb her addiction, Kirgan is slightly upset about her portrayal on the reality TV show. She said the editing team portrayed her husband in a bad light, showing him as controlling and condescending (via Starcasm). She has also critiqued the show openly on social media.

Kirgan even filed a fraud lawsuit the day her follow-up episode premiered on April 29, 2020. The lawsuit alleges that the production team promised to pay Kirgan's medical bills but did not fulfill their promises, per the outlet. The show's producers also failed to provide her with more than one filmed therapy session, even after she disclosed her depression and anxiety.

Regardless of the issues surrounding the TV show, no one can say that Kirgan isn't living her best life — she's healthy and happy!