What It Really Means When You Dream About Rainbows

If you recently dreamed about rainbows, you might just be wondering about the symbolic meaning behind it. In a dreamscape, rainbows come in all forms: a multicolored arch, a double rainbow, a glowing white path, or even a muted gray one. Moreover, many people are known to dream about rainbow-tinged objects as well. Whatever the case, there are distinct meanings for each figure, each more surprising than the next.

As tales featuring pots of gold tell us, rainbows are seen in a positive, favorable light in most cultures (via Dream Astro Meanings). As per My Dream Symbolism, rainbows are usually symbols of "hope and wish fulfillment" and can also represent fortune, luck in the love department, and a spiritual connection. Whether or not you see a treasure at the end of it, a rainbow in a dream means you might just get a dose of major luck soon — either an "unexpected windfall" of riches, or a long-awaited payoff for all your hard work (via Female First).

While all of that sounds well and good, it's important to note that the true significance of your dream depends on where you are in life, your hopes and fears, and even the type of rainbow you see. As expected, a beaming, technicolor rainbow represents something much different than a gray arch, so keeping each meaning in mind is paramount.

The meaning behind all kinds of rainbows

No matter the type of rainbow you dream about, it symbolizes a turning point in your life or a new beginning (via My Dream Symbolism). Since rainbows are unpredictable in nature, they can mean something unexpected is about to happen, possibly something that evokes a sense of magic or spirituality. In short, things are about to shift course, so be prepared for some changes!

The meaning behind your dream rainbow completely depends on your current life and your hopes for the future. For example, if you're head-first in a business endeavor, dreaming about a rainbow might mean finally achieving that career goal you've been working for. However, if you're still debating whether to start a new business or relationship, a rainbow should be taken as a good sign to take the risk (via My Dream Symbolism). 

If you're in a relationship already, dreaming about a rainbow means mutual love and deep bliss in the upcoming years, especially if it's connected horizon-to-horizon (via Female First). Just like suddenly seeing a rainbow after a storm, dreaming about colorful arches means you can probably expect unusually good luck or finally getting what you wished for (via My Dream Symbolism).

Rainbows have deep personal significance in dreams

Apart from your relationship with the outside world, dreaming about a rainbow has a lot to do with your connection to yourself. If you've been feeling all the negative thoughts lately, a rainbow or rainbow-colored object is a suggestion to see life more positively (via Female First). Not just a symbol of optimism, a rainbow can also reveal unexpected things about yourself. This kind of dream can point you toward serious personal truths, such as your biggest fears or causes of depression. A rainbow in a dream can make you realize that you have plateaued and push you forward, whether making a career change or personal goal (via My Dream Symbolism).

A rainbow in a dream also symbolizes creativity and recognition coming into your life, a time of joy and productivity. If you've been in a creative rut, you might experience a reawakening or finally feel respected by your peers. While rainbows can push you to finally confront the big issues that are holding you back, this kind of dream is notoriously hopeful and encouraging. Moreover, per My Dream Symbolism, rainbows are symbols of inner purity.

Dream rainbow meanings by color

While rainbows in dreams usually represent our future plans and hopes, their significance completely depends on their color and even what you felt when seeing it in your dream. As per Dream Astro Meanings, a classic, colorful rainbow means major good luck is on the horizon, especially if you felt "calm, confident and serene" when looking at it. However, that is not always the case.

If you saw a fading rainbow in your dream, it might mean your dreams will not come true just yet. But not to fret — seeing a rainbow in the first place means it probably will happen, it will just take more time and patience. Fading rainbows can also symbolize living in the present moment and appreciating your life's joys today before they disappear (via Dream Astro Meanings). Similarly, a gray rainbow may mean your "pot of gold" might take more time to reach, but should give you the necessary push to work even harder toward your goal (via Astrology Answers).

A totally white rainbow is the ultimate symbol of purity and spirituality, and symbolizes a time of peace, rest, and tranquility (via My Dream Symbolism). As per Astrology Answers, an elusive white rainbow may even mean a connection to higher spiritual powers, or a message of love, joy, and happiness.

Special rainbow symbols and placement meanings in dreams

If your rainbow is missing colors, that may have a special meaning, too. Red represents passion, orange is for energy, yellow is for happiness and adventure, green for money or tranquility, blue for creativity or emotional connection, indigo for wisdom, and violet for intuition or mental health. If your rainbow is missing any of these shades, it may mean you're missing what they represent. Similarly, if your rainbow includes more of these colors than usual, that means your life is brimming with their symbolic meaning (via Astrology Answers).

Apart from colors, placement is just as important. If you dream about a rainbow after a storm, then your problems are finally coming to an end. If the storm and rainbow exist simultaneously, that probably means you are trying to seek out the silver lining in a tough situation (via Female First). Dreaming about finding the end of a rainbow means you lead your life with determination, and finding treasure at the end of it means your work will pay off. However, if you search for it and can't find it, it might be an omen to change course. Similarly, some Slavic traditions dictate that looking at the base of a rainbow brings bad luck (via Dream Astro Meanings).

If you dream of walking on a rainbow, you've experienced one of the rarest dreams of all. Take this vision as a dose of major inspiration, encouraging you to pursue adventures.

The importance of rainbows in dreams

As one of the most significant symbols in dreams, rainbows often carry deep spiritual meaning. A rainbow connecting the sky and horizon represents your own connection to your inner self, and might lead you to ask if you've been nurturing your spirituality. A dream about seeing a rainbow at night is deeply rare, and means you will soon discover something you never knew about yourself (via Dream Astro Meanings). My Dream Symbolism even states that night rainbows might point you to deep connections in your present-day romantic relationship.

According to My Dream Symbolism, dreaming about a rainbow-colored object means you should try to be more optimistic in all aspects of your life. That being said, per Astrology Answers, you should pay attention to the object as well –- it might symbolize what you need to look at it in a different light. Rainbow-colored hair signifies you are calm and happy-go-lucky, while seeing a pot of gold signifies financial success, possibly winning the lottery, or a bad investment getting better.

If you dream about a rainbow over a river, you might go on a fun trip soon, while a double rainbow means harmony and peace, and finding your life's purpose. Even better, a triple rainbow means major good luck for yourself and someone you love. A tranquil dream of sitting on a rainbow might mean you have blessings in life from a higher power and joy in your future.