Here's What A Hibiscus Tattoo Really Means

Tattoo trends come and go. In the early 2000s, everyone wanted butterfly or wing tattoos on their body. Ten years ago, it was infinity symbols and mandalas. Now, everyone just wants something meaningful and beautiful. Whether it be a hot air balloon or a piece of broccoli, everyone wants something unique, meaningful, and insanely beautiful to match it. A popular tattoo trend that's been around forever has been anything and everything to do with flowers.

Common flower tattoos include roses, lotus, sunflowers, magnolias, and peonies (via Emerald Tattoo). And celebrities are no different, they love floral tattoos. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and Demi Lovato have been sporting some beautiful rose tattoos (via OK Magazine). Along with that, there's Kaia Gerber's minimalist bouquet tattoo, Maisie William's sunflower tattoo, and even Leighton Meester's purple flower tattoo (via Cosmopolitan and Steal Her Style).

But one you may not see often is hibiscus flower tattoos, which makes no sense. They're gorgeous, detailed, and have a rich history surrounding them. As Hawaii's national flower, there are a lot of things to think about when getting this tattoo. From deep meaning in Hawaiian culture to Japanese culture, anyone can find a beautiful meaning behind the bright pink flower.

Hibiscus tattoos have a lot of different meaning behind them

In Hawaiian culture, the state flower represents multiple things such as royalty, power, and respect. It can also be a symbol of beauty and seizing the opportunities you find. And in Japanese culture, the hibiscus flower simply represents gentleness (via Pacho Tattoo). Along with different cultural standpoints, the color of the hibiscus flower means different things. A white hibiscus can symbolize purity, a yellow one can symbolize fortune, a red can mean passion, purple is wisdom, and pink can mean different types of love (via Petal Republic). 

Other hibiscus meanings can be something to do with delicacy, passion, and devotion. Apparently, couples looking for a beautiful matching tattoo often opt for a hibiscus tattoo for its beautiful meanings (via TattMag). Of course, a hibiscus might represent something completely different to you; tattoos are in the beauty of the eye of the beholder.