The Best Noah Flynn And Elle Evans Moments In The Kissing Booth So Far

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It's time to pucker up for another round of swoony smooches. "The Kissing Booth 3" is on its way to Netflix, and will pick up right where "The Kissing Booth 2" left off, with Elle Evans (former child star Joey King) facing some life-changing decisions. On one hand, she's just been accepted to Berkeley, where she and her bestie Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been dreaming of going to college together since they were tiny tykes. On the other, she's also gotten a yes from Harvard, which would put her closer to her hunky beau Noah ("Euphoria" villain Jacob Elordi). Decisions, decisions.

Before Elle's future comes to a head in the final "Kissing Booth" film, we wanted to take a quick look back at the moments in the series that have really made us smile. And what better way to celebrate the "Kissing Booth" series than to honor the couple that made the carnival attraction such a sensation to begin with? Here's a look back at the best Elle and Noah moments in "The Kissing Booth" films so far.

The most colorful message

You've gotta hand it to Elle. While Noah saw Ellie as little more than a kid-sister figure for way too long, Ellie knew she liked him from the get-go. Once Noah finally started taking notice of her, though, Elle wasn't a pushover. She made some very memorable moves to keep his attention, as well as establish some ground rules about how he could — and couldn't — treat her. Elle had known Noah for literally her entire life, and she'd seen him grow into both a hot-head and a Casanova. Thankfully, Elle also knew just what to do to bring out Noah's more positive traits.

After Noah tussled with Tuppen (Joshua Daniel Eady), and then bullied the other schoolboys into giving Elle a wide berth, Elle reclaimed her right to make her own choices in a quite colorful way. Sure, it was a pure accident that she ended up cleaning up in the boys' locker room after her paint fight, but when Noah threw a fit after the other guys complimented her figure, Elle reacted in the most Elle way imaginable: by shaking her stuff without abandon.

The sight of Elle defiantly shimmying around half-dressed and splattered in paint was obviously a hit with the fellas. More importantly, though, it also made a point. Elle made it clear that she wasn't going to let Noah control her, and that she didn't need his protection. And, to his credit, Noah received the message loud and clear, even if it took him a while to fully embrace it.

Their very first kiss

Elle and Noah's first kiss gave new definition to the phrase "sparks were flying." After pitching the kissing booth for their high school's carnival fundraiser, Elle and Lee had to work hard to recruit some A-listers to make the attraction a success. So, even though Noah refused to commit to participating, Elle told the "OMG Girls" that "Flynn" would be there as long as they were. Of course, once Elle's deception came to light, the popular trio punished Elle by pushing her into the booth herself. The joke was ultimately on the mean girls, though: Noah stepped up to become Elle's first customer.

The chemistry between Elle and Noah had already been building for some time, so even Elle's little rant about how she'd never kissed anyone before couldn't dampen the mood. As soon as Elle and Noah locked lips, something special began to happen. Then, the real fireworks began. Elle ripped off her blindfold and figured out exactly who she was smooching. With the world spinning around them and explosions of light accompanying their exchange, it was clear that Elle and Noah were meant to have this moment. It truly was the start of something new.

The stunning new view

Elle and Noah's first kiss wasn't their last. Shortly after their carnival rendezvous, the two engaged in another heated make out session in a cozy gazebo as rain poured down around them. Their passion was quickly doused with a bit of cold water, however, when the property's gardener called Noah out for bringing lots of other girls to the exact same spot. Let's just say, Elle was not impressed with that particular bit of news.

However, Noah soon rekindled the flame when he took Elle to a place that was his alone. That spot was, of course, one of the most iconic locations in all of America: the giant Hollywood sign itself. Not only was sharing this spectacular view a formidable flex by Noah, but the famous tourist stop took on an ultra-personal significance for Noah and Elle when they decided to take their budding relationship to the next level right then and there.

Their hilarious hiding spots

Even though Elle and Noah became a hot item in the first film, the two had to keep their relationship a secret because of the rules Elle and Lee had been abiding by since they were children. Rule number nine specifically forbade either of these besties from dating each other's relatives, which meant that Noah was strictly off-limits to Elle. It wasn't just that Elle didn't want to buck this tradition. She was also sensitive to the fact that Lee felt like he was living in his big brother's shadow, and that it might hurt his feelings to have to share her with Noah.

So, Elle and Noah took some genuinely hilarious steps to keep their relationship under wraps, even as things became more serious (and adorable) between them. Elle hid under Noah's bed, where she had to surreptitiously slip a wayward sock to Noah's laundry-collecting mom. She had to jump, fully clothed, into a pool. She had to wear a popcorn bucket on her head, and had to steal surveillance footage from the principal's office.

On top of that, Noah had to dangle outside of a window to avoid being discovered by Lee — and even though Noah was a talented athlete, his grip strength left something to be desired. These moments are lighthearted and humorous, but that they were willing to go to so much trouble to keep their flame burning also showed just how much Elle and Noah meant to each other.

The super birthday surprise

Of course, it hasn't always been sunshine and smooches for Elle and Noah. After Lee found out about their relationship, he was incredibly upset, and Elle decided to break things off with Noah for the sake of her lifelong friendship. Even after Noah showed up at prom, looking like James Bond in his slick tux, and declared his love in front of everyone, Elle shut him down, insisting that she couldn't continue hurting Lee.

However, Elle's true feelings eventually caught up to her during her and Lee's joint birthday celebration, where she finally admitted that she couldn't ignore her feelings in order to make Lee happy. But did this revelation come too late? As far as Elle knew, Noah was already on his way to Boston, which meant she'd have to hurry if she wanted to catch him before his flight. 

But Noah Flynn still had one more romantic gambit up his sleeve: After Elle sped off in Lee's car, thinking Lee was in the passenger's seat next to her, she gushed about everything she wanted to tell Noah. Right then, Noah revealed that he, not Lee, was the one onder Batman's cowl. Elle's message was received loud and clear, and the couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

Their sight-seeing tour

In the second "Kissing Booth" movie, Noah officially became an East Coast resident, which meant less time with Elle, and more making new friends while learning how to hack it at Harvard. After a summer of sunny bliss, Elle said goodbye to Noah at the airport and tried her darndest to avoid the urge to text him all day and all night.

Even though Elle was trying to give Noah some necessary distance, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit him in Beantown. And although the trip had a few low points — namely, Elle's jealousy over Noah's beautiful new friend Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) — their affectionate and adventurous reunion is one of the series' all-time great scenes. Noah made the moment especially charming by greeting Elle with a smile and a handmade sign saying, "I missed you more." The montage of the two hitting the pavement to take in the town together is sweet and hopeful, and really highlights the couple's potential to grow together as they make the transition from teens to adults.

Their place

As much as the Hollywood sign means to Elle and Noah, there's actually another locale that they consider to be "their place." It just took a journey through a small stretch of hell to find it. In "The Kissing Booth 2," things became complicated between Elle and Noah after Elle found Chloe's earring in his bedroom. They got even worse when Noah snuck into the audience at Elle's dance competition and watched her share a tender kiss with Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) after their winning routine. All of those grievances were served up hot at their families' shared Thanksgiving celebration, and, for a while, it looked like Elle and Noah might officially take up residence in Splitsville.

However, after another stint at the now-annual kissing booth gave Elle an opportunity to say goodbye to Marco, and decided, once again, to try and catch Noah before his flight took off. Just as before, Noah was one step ahead. See, Noah had just had a talk with Chloe about all of his problems, and flitted off to find Elle first. After missing each other the first time, the couple decided to meet at "their place": the same gazebo that they got kicked out so long ago. This wasn't Noah's random hookup spot any longer. It was now his place with Elle — and Elle alone. There, the two fessed up to their insecurities and committed to their feelings for one another. As Elle memorably said, "It's you Noah. It's always been you."