What It Really Means When You Dream About Dogs

Dreams about man's best friend can be cute, cuddly, and make you not want to wake up — that being said, they hold serious symbolic meaning, too. As per Bark Post, dreams about animals are representative of your instincts and hidden nature, examining your "basic feelings, behaviors and reactions." Specifically, dog dreams give insight into your thoughts about friendship, loyalty, and protection. Dogs in dreams can also have a spiritual meaning, and act as a sign to trust your path, or as an omen to change course (via YourTango).

Dogs in dreams tend to symbolize human relationships, but are also associated with emotions you might be feeling toward a difficult situation in your life (via Aunty Flo). Most often though, dreaming about a dog is a sign that you need to protect someone, or that someone unexpected might be protecting you. Dogs represent good luck in a wide array of cultures: The Celtic people associate hounds with Gaelic gods of healing and a successful hunt, while elements of Chinese mythology believe dogs bring good fortune to a home (via World Birds). It's no wonder dreaming about dogs is usually seen as a good sign.

It is important to note that the type of dog dream you have can deeply affect its meaning: While dreaming of a happy-go-lucky pup can be a positive signal, an aggressive or biting dog can mean something much different. The place and activity are also deeply significant, as well as the color and breed.

Dreams about happy, energetic dogs

The temperament of the dog you see says multitudes about the meaning of your dream. Whether you know the dream pup or not, a friendly dog can be a symbol of someone in your life guiding or guarding you. As per Aunty Flo, a happy dog is a "sign of recovery," especially if dealing with anxiety or difficulties in your life. A joyful pup can even signify you will have some luck in the love department soon.

Happy puppies can be representative of a nurturing instinct deep within you. Seeing puppies with their mother can symbolize your own love of nurturing, and even imply a desire to have children (via Aunty Flo). If you are starting a project or business plan, a litter of puppies can symbolize how long it will take to come to fruition, with each puppy representing a six-month period. Seeing just one good-natured puppy may depict your own even-keel personality, your energy in life, or the improvement of a relationship.

As per Bark Post, a happily-barking dog might mean you take pleasure in being social and feeling accepted in a group, or you even might be missing that element of your life.

Dreaming about temperamental dogs

Of course, just like in real life, dream dogs aren't always perfect — sometimes they are grumpy, aggressive, or can even bite and attack. According to Aunty Flo, this kind of dream has a totally opposite meaning to other kinds of dog dreams. Dreaming about being chased by a dog symbolizes anxiety, or fears about making decisions in your work or love life. This dream can signify pressure or a need to escape, especially if you felt scared while running. Overall, being chased by a dog means you feel burdened, and if it is violent, you're probably scared of the unknown. Regarding signs for the future, a friendly dog running toward you implies career success, while an aggressive dog chase can mean falling into a trap (via Aunty Flo).

Dreaming about aggressive dogs could mean someone in your life is being disloyal or untrustworthy (via Bark Post). According to The Cut, an angry barking dog could mean you are too demanding, or that you feel someone should take it easier on you. A dream about a dog attack means you have difficulty communicating with others, while a dog-pack attack might mean you need to work on your happiness (via Aunty Flo). Vicious dogs symbolize your own anger toward others, but dreams about dog bites vary in meaning. Leg bites mean a lack of life balance, wrist bites mean being held back, and a hand bite means someone you're close to might be harming you (via The Cut).

All about dreaming of a dog you know

Who doesn't love the idea of dreaming of a dog from your past, especially if you still miss them dearly? That being said, this kind of dream is deeply significant in unexpected ways. For one, if you dream about a loving childhood pet, it could signify a need for comfort (via Nolah). Similarly, according to Aunty Flo, dreaming about a dog you previously owned or still have could mean you are "missing something or someone in your life." Trying to figure out the missing link is paramount, and if you feel overworked, this might be a sign to unwind.

Dreaming about a dog who has passed away might mean they are trying to reconnect with you. According to dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, this kind of mystical dream "could be a visitation of a beloved pet letting you know they're still around and watching over you," which harks back to dogs as a symbol of protection (via The Cut). Even more, dreaming about a dog from your past could be your own unique way of "getting closure or trying to remain connected to that animal."

On the totally opposite end of the spectrum, dreaming about adopting a new dog might mean you feel a need for companionship. If you are gifted a dog in your dream, you can take it as a positive sign: It means you are being protected by a higher power (via Aunty Flo).

Unique dog dream meanings

The meaning of your canine dream can also depend on your activity of choice. According to Bark Post, rubbing a dog's belly in a dream can mean you feel content in a relationship, and deeply trust your partner. If you're walking the dog, you may have a bout of success soon and achieve your goals. Seeing someone else walking a dog means you feel in charge of your life, while seeing a dog walking like a human might mean something unexpected will happen soon (via Aunty Flo).

Dreaming about finding a dog may signify a need for companionship, while a sick dog could symbolize a neglected relationship. Dreaming about an injured dog may mean you're concerned about your health or friendship, or feel you haven't taken enough care of your own real-life dog (via The Cut). A dog guiding you could signify you need help getting out of a sticky situation, while giving a dog away means you might be disloyal (via Aunty Flo). Dreaming about a pack of dogs is a sure sign of a need for belonging, especially if you are part of the pack (via Bark Post).

Giving a dog a bath in your dream means you are nurturing, while seeing a dog chase its tail means you are not dealing with an issue properly (via Aunty Flo). If your dream was more surreal, a two-headed dog means you are energetic, while a three-headed dog means a new beginning (via Aunty Flo).

Meanings by the dog's color and breed

Just like temperament, a dog's color and breed are incredibly significant when it comes to interpreting your pup-centered dream. For one, a black dog is connected to evil and death, but before you get too scared, it could also mean several life possibilities (via Aunty Flo). Black dogs are associated with bad weather, and English mythology describes a large black dog with flaming eyes that could give your dream a foreboding significance. This shade could also signify dishonesty or worrying about a friend.

On the other side of the spectrum, a white dog is a symbol for purity, and either means you have good intentions, or should protect a treasured friendship. If your dog is multicolored, you could feel disapproval towards someone, or feel isolated (via Aunty Flo). In terms of breeds, Bark Post explains that dreaming of dachshunds denotes your loyalty and rationality. German shepherds mean you are feeling protective, while golden retrievers should be taken as a good sign regarding a friendship.

If you dream of a cute pug, you are probably a playful person and might need to be more open to change. A Siberian husky signifies someone is about to be especially loyal towards you, and that you made the right decisions in your life. Bulldogs are the ultimate indicator of difficult on the outside and emotional on the inside, while dreaming of Yorkshire terriers means you need to lose your fear and up your confidence in life.