How To Make Your Water Even More Hydrating

Not all water is created equally. If you're chugging gallon after gallon and still feeling parched, you likely know this for yourself. To up your hydration game, you can add a few common foods to your water bottle or cup to reap the full benefits of your H2O.

For instance, if you're drinking heavily filtered water, you may have taken out some of the good minerals and nutrients — which can leave you feeling dehydrated. Mindbodygreen suggests adding a sprinkle of salt to remineralize your drink. Especially since many filters remove sodium, you may be low on this compound — particularly if you're sweating a lot. Plus, since salt carries hydration into your cells, it helps your body absorb more of the moisture that you're consuming. 

Of course, classic water-heavy additions such as cucumbers can add hydrating properties as well. Apparently, the outlet notes, the extra level of water comes from its seeds which contain the "fourth phase" of water. The slimy-looking liquid is actually H2O in its state of liquid and solid. "It is in that form that's found in nature, and it's also in that form that's found within our cells, Dana Cohen, MD, tells the outlet. She even notes that having a few slices in your water bottle can double the amount of hydration your body receives.

Other additives can make your water more nutritious

In addition to enhancing water's hydrating properties, simple supplements can give your body the boost of nutrients that it's craving. For instance, Well+Good dubs raspberry leaf a helpful protecting agent for the skin — plus it makes your water taste delicious. The outlet also cites lemon water as a tart, alkalizing drink that adds a hydrating punch any time throughout the day. "Not every single glass of water, but in a couple of those glasses, do a pinch of [salt] with some lemon to replace some other minerals," Dr. Cohen explains to Mindbodygreen.

Furthermore, you can add chia seeds to your water bottle to expand its hydration level as well. Much like cucumbers, chia seeds release water in its "fourth phase" — aka the slimy water — which can add another layer of hydration. However, their fiber content helps with their nutrient level as well. "The fiber is what really acts as a sponge. [Chia seeds can] hold on to that hydration much better than just plain bulk water alone," Cohen adds.

Well+Good explains that magnesium can be a worthwhile supplement as well. Known as the calm-down mineral, magnesium is a vital part of thousands of chemical reactions in your body. Other supplements like collagen make a beautifying drink that helps your body absorb hydration better as well. 

Support your system by tossing a few fresh, beautifying ingredients into your water bottle.