Here's What The May 26 Lunar Eclipse Means If You're A Water Sign

Space in general is endlessly fascinating, and eclipses are no different. Lunar eclipses specifically occur when the sun's light, which the moon usually reflects, is blocked by Earth. Sometimes called a blood moon because of the rich color the moon takes on when Earth's shadow blocks it from receiving sunlight, the next total lunar eclipse will be on May 26, 2021 (via Space). Don't forget there are best practices for watching an eclipse.

Generally, eclipses are rough times astrologically. They're times of surprise and change, and they can be times of upheaval, especially emotionally. This is why a lot of astrologers tell people to lay low and survive the eclipse in the comfort of your own home — and don't do anything drastic (via Allure). On the other hand, eclipses can be seen as a reset with the universe taking a moment to readjust and get us back on our right paths (via Yearly Horoscope). These two definitions work perfectly in tandem because the universe can't get us on our right paths and readjust if we're not lying low and instead messing it up with actions born from our heightened emotions.

Here's exactly what water signs will be thinking about during the eclipse

Put quite simply, water signs during the eclipse will feel and be rather disoriented, according to Yearly Horoscope. They won't quite understand what's happening and will need time to process and become centered again. However, Yearly Horoscope explains that Cancers are exempt from this due to being governed by the moon, but their fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, will definitely feel the disoriented effects of the eclipse.

In addition to being disoriented, this eclipse will make water signs really examine the loyalty of those in their lives, per Allure. This will help them understand which people to keep in their lives moving forward and which ones can be removed to maintain their inner peace. At the same time, Allure explains that water signs may be able to find ways to make their dreams happen during this eclipse. Their minds will be working overtime between thinking about the people in their lives and their dreams, and this is precisely why they shouldn't act impulsively. It's important that water signs — and everyone, really — take time to reflect after the eclipse before acting on any of their eclipse feelings and thoughts. 

If you're interested in learning more about eclipses and when they'll happen, be sure to check out NASA's website as they have a detailed list of eclipses leading all the way to the year 2100.