Here's How To Find The Best Crystal For Your Intention

Much like flowers, house plants and various types of decor, crystals can impact the vibe of your living space. When looking to add them for aesthetic appeal or for your meditation practice, it's wise to consider what you're looking for before you purchase. Since crystals contain different frequencies, they have various effects. Of course, going to your local crystal store is the best option, since you'll likely gravitate towards the crystal that you need.

But, Mindbodygreen explains, having an idea of what energy you'd like around you can make a difference. For instance, if you're looking for clarity and general balance in your days, clear quartz is likely the stone for you. Calming and clearing the mind, this type of quartz is an excellent antidote to many types of situations and it's beginner-friendly too. Crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, explained to the outlet, "For that reason, this is a great stone to start with if you're a total beginner to the world of crystal healing."

You've also likely seen rose quartz on Instagram and in wellness shops. It's versatile, gentle heart-opening effects are said to help attract romantic love and a deeper appreciation of self. If you're looking to care for yourself and feel soothed by yourself and others, this is likely a great place to start. Hold the crystal as you focus your intention to heal your heart and open yourself to love from all places.

Once you've found your crystal, you can program it with your intention

After you've done your research and found a crystal that feels right for you, it's time to program the stone with your intention. Astrologer Nura Rachelle of metaphysical crystal shop Thee Ancients, tells Bustle, "Starting with beginner's mind is foundational in setting the right tone with your crystals. You want to establish a relationship with them, acknowledging them as the wise Earth beings that they are. Almost forgetting everything you think you know about a crystal can help you to actually connect with them, much like people."

The outlet explains that some types of stones have scientifically shown their ability to hold energy and transfer it — including quartz. So, when you make time to hold your intention and envision it flowing into your stone, you're making way for that to transpire in your life. Rachelle details, "Fully connecting in deeply with yourself about what you want to connect to more in life: That is the foundation for charging your crystals with your intentions. [It's about] seeing them as allies to support you on your awakening journey."

Start by cleansing the crystal with sage or another herb and gently relaxing into a meditative state. From here, imagine your intention filling up your crystal or you can repeat your intention out loud and feel it moving in that way, the outlet explains.

What really matters is your intention, finding the crystal that connects with you and programming your stone to be a source of healing in whatever area you need.