Weird Things You Never Thought About Putting In Your Coffee

A cup of coffee is a habit you look forward to as you stumble out of bed each morning. Most people stick to traditional additions to put in their coffee. A little sweetener, a little creamer, and that morning cup is ready for you to start your day. But there are also quite a few weird and unusual things that you probably never thought of adding to your coffee that others find to be a treat.

Over the last decade, flavored coffees and creamers have become more of the norm, especially with the advent of one-cup coffee makers like Keurig. Eat This, Not That touts hazelnut and French vanilla flavors that make coffee a sweet treat rather than that everyday beverage so many of us use to wake up and stay awake.

Some people get even more creative with their cup of joe and put common things from their fridge in their coffee. You may have never thought of these foods going well with coffee, but Spoon University describes these items as "strangely delicious."

Coffee additions, from fats to egg whites

If you want to add a little fat to your coffee and make it more filling, you can take butter and coconut oil and create what is known as Bulletproof Coffee. Sometimes fat is not a bad thing. According to Spoon University, the healthy fats in coconut oil can help speed up your metabolism, while the combination of butter and oil supposedly leads to weight loss and higher energy levels. If a simple jolt of caffeine won't get you going in the morning, it looks like adding some butter and coconut oil will.

You can also make your coffee into breakfast by adding oatmeal or an egg white. Dropping an egg white into your coffee is a Scandinavian tradition known as Lutheran Church coffee because it was first served at Sunday church services, according to Perfect Daily Grind. As for the oatmeal, rather than using water or milk to cook those oats, use a fresh-brewed cup of coffee.

Finally, if you don't have a sweet tooth for that Italian sweet crème creamer, then perhaps do what sailors once did and add a dash of salt to your coffee. This tradition gave sailors a boost of electrolytes, as well as made strong but unpalatable coffee more bearable to drink while out at sea (via Perfect Daily Grind).