This TikTok Hack Will Save Your Sleeves From Always Rolling Down

We can always argue that sweater weather should be a year-round trend. Whether you have a preference for wool or cashmere (yes, there's a difference), or for another soft material, it's undeniable that sweaters are as cozy as they come. There's an occasion for the beloved winter accessory in every season, whether you're bundling up to make snow angels or roasting a marshmallow on a camp fire. However, excessively long sleeves — on sweaters or any other garment — can ruin just about any outfit. Even if you push the sleeves up your arms, you may find that they're constantly rolling down, leaving you looking unkempt.

Fortunately, TikTok star Hannah Warling, who refers to herself as the "CEO of style hacks" on her TikTok bio, has a solution for sleeves that keep rolling down. Warling gained popularity on the social media channel for posting clever tips and styling tricks to help transform any outfit. The TikToker now has over 720,000 followers and 14.5 million likes on her videos.

Warling showed off her sleeve hack in a genius TikTok video. In it, Warling demonstrates looping a simple hair tie over her sweater sleeve, about halfway up her forearm. From there, she simply pushes the sleeve up her arm, allowing small folds in the sleeve to hide the rubber band. To completely hide the hair tie, some TikTok users in the comments suggested actively folding the sleeve over once.

Other ways to fix oversized long sleeves

Some followers who commented on Hannah Warling's TikTok video said that the solution didn't work for them, because the hair ties cut too deeply into their arms. Others replied that using stretched-out hair ties would mitigate the issue while still keeping long sleeves out of the way.

If you'd rather try another solution for excessively long sleeves, YouTuber liveloveGlam suggests a similar, but slightly different method. In her YouTube video, the thrifting enthusiast first wraps a loose rubber band around her sleeve, about midway up her forearm. She then rolls the rest of the sleeve into the rubber band instead of pushing it all the way up her arm. This helps to prevent a cut-off of circulation but still holds the sleeve in place, as celebrity stylist Ashley Weston revealed on her website

For a tool-free method, liveloveGlam recommends pulling the base of your sleeve taught, then overlapping the long portion on your wrist. Keeping the flap tightly pinned down with one finger, use your other fingers to roll the sleeve over the fold, securing it in place. This method might not be as secure as a rubber band or a hair tie, but it will certainly keep your sleeves from rolling down for some time.