How To Decorate Your Home Office, According To Feng Shui

The pandemic disrupted all aspects of our lives, especially the way we work, and pushed many of us into working remotely for months. Creating the perfect work environment in our homes became a top priority and the sales of home office furniture exploded like never before (via WRCBTV). Staying focused and productive at home can be an impossible task sometimes so it's crucial to find an equilibrium between your leisure space and your work space. If you have struggled to design the perfect WFH area, feng shui could be the solution. "Feng Shui can increase business by drawing in more clients, creating happier employees, and generating more wealth," feng shui expert Ashley Cantley told Real Simple.

The Chinese practice focuses on bringing positive energy, or chi, to your space through mathematical calculations, per Architectural Digest. Feng shui involves calculations using the specific measurements of your space, so it's hard to suggest specific design choices for your home office. However, there are general trends and rules that can be helpful to anyone embarking on the journey of inviting positive energy into their homes via feng shui.

The location where you place your home office furniture matters

Feng shui expert Laura Cerrano told MyDomaine that you must be careful about the way that you place your desk in your home office. She recommends having a wall at the back of your chair and avoiding being beneath a ceiling fan. "Positioning your desk could symbolize avoiding collaborations with non-beneficial business partners and signing contracts or agreements that are one-sided."

The Chinese practice also pays attention to cardinal points to find the perfect source of energy. The north relates to your career and is optimized with the water element (via TheChineseZodiac.Org). You can create a career goal mood board in the north of your home office to call for job success and add paintings of the sea to call good energy, per The Spruce. The polar south is the area of fame and reputation and it is enhanced by the fire element. Red objects, lights, and candles belong to this area of your space. Feng shui expert Ashley Cantley told Real Simple that you must avoid fluorescent lights because they drain energy.

"Feng shui encourages you to learn more about yourself and discover the necessary knowledge, skills, and connections that need development for nurturing your goals," Cerrano told MyDomaine. "As you do this, you become more curious, motivated, inspired, and productive."