Inside Dominic West's Marriage After Controversial Pics With Lily James

Actor Dominic West is perhaps best known for playing Detective Jimmy McNulty on "The Wire," and Noah on "The Affair" (via IMDb). Fans are about to see more of the star, when he portrays Prince Charles in the upcoming season of "The Crown."

More than for his acting credits, West has been in the headlines of late due to a scandal surrounding his marriage. The star wed Catherine FitzGerald in 2010, and shares four children with her (via People). But the couple's union was called into question last year when, as People reports, West was photographed getting cozy with "Cinderella" actress Lily James. The images, taken in Rome, show the stars, who met on the set of the movie "The Pursuit of Love," having lunch, cruising around on a scooter together, and cuddling.

After the jaw-dropping photos went public, the Mirror reports West had to promise FitzGerald he would never see or speak to James again to save their marriage — which means he couldn't work with her either. And as ET Canada reports, the married couple oddly appeared outside their home following the scandal with a sign that read, "Our marriage is strong and we're very much still together. Thank you."

Where Dominic West's marriage stands today

Now, FitzGerald is speaking out about the tryst between her husband and James, and what their marriage is like months after the photos of his alleged infedilities went public.

As FitzGerald told The Independent about her 11-year marriage to West, "we are totally devoted to each other and to our full, vibrant family life together" (via Page Six). Still, the landscape designer also told the outlet that her relationship with West has had its "ups and downs" like most marriages (via People).

In fact, the couple's relationship has always been somewhat circuitous, with FitzGerald initially breaking things off, before getting back together with West years after meeting him in college. "There's something about having lived a full life before settling down — I felt I could throw myself into family life and having babies with gusto. And I really went for it, having four in seven years!" she told The Independent.

For her part, James told The Guardian recently about her relationship with West, "Ach, I'm not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I'm afraid."