Here's How Being A Sagittarius Could Affect Your Mental Health

Born between November 22 and December 21, those sharing the sun sign Sagittarius have good and bad traits, like all other signs (via They get a bad rap sometimes, with people thinking they're hotheaded, quick to judge, and all around problem starters. Of course, a lot depends on your placement because a Sagittarius moon sign is totally different from a Sagittarius sun sign. While they may get a bad rap, a Sagittarius typically just cares very deeply, even if they're not great at expressing it. reminds us that they're a fire sign, after all, and fire signs are not as level-headed as earth signs or as free-spirited as air signs. 

Sagittarius is the "sign of the thinker," per Exemplore, and this is where Sagittarius can fall into trouble. Exemplore explains that a Sagittarius is typically liked by those around them and is energetic and playful, but they can also be unbelievably negative without realizing it. They are always honest even if they don't need to be or realize they're hurting your feelings by being so blunt (via This is because they represent the thinker, but they don't always know how to control their thoughts or how they express them. This can lead to overthinking and struggles with their own mental health.

Does being a Sagittarius make you selfish?

Because a Sagittarius is a thinker and therefore loves exploration (both of ideas and physical places), threats to a Sagittarius' freedom and autonomy can negatively affect their mental health (via Makeful). As a fire sign, they need to experience passion and memorable experiences, so Makeful explains that "going out to new places and releasing inhibitions is a mental game changer." Likewise, a Sagittarius can handle themselves in nearly every facet of life. Their passion carries them, so they don't need or want feedback or critique all the time (via This will only smother their flame and worsen their mental health.

Sagittarians can be self-centered at times because they are so focused on exploration and their dreams. They often know this, though, so they'll go out of their way to be generous to make up for their selfish tendencies (via Exemplore). This always stays on their minds, as they don't want to appear in a negative light to others, so their generous acts help appease them. Ultimately, if you're a Sagittarius, there's only one thing you can do: Follow your fire wherever it leads you and never stop exploring in life — but don't forget to reach out to those you love!