What We Know About Kat Timpf's Husband

She is a rising star at Fox News. He is a war veteran who now reportedly works as a research associate at Coatue Management (via The Sun), an investment firm with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong, which manages $50 billion in assets (via LinkedIn). And even though Timpf is fairly active on social media, she revealed little about her then-steady boyfriend Cameron Friscia. That is, until the TV personality went public and revealed her engagement ring during her segment on "The Greg Gutfeld Show." That clip, along with the caption "Hell froze over," made it onto her Instagram account.

But while Timpf's life appears to be an open book, we know less about Cameron Friscia, who doesn't appear to have an Instagram account, and whose presence on Twitter is devoted to discussing one of his life's passions.

Cameron Friscia is a big lacrosse fan

While many people go on Twitter to share their thoughts about politics and current events, Cameron Friscia goes on to share his passion for lacrosse. In a series of tweets, Kat Timpf documents her thoughts about fighting for Friscia's attention when a game is in progress. "Finally arrived in Montana and now instead of sitting on a plane while my boyfriend ignores me to watch lacrosse on his phone I get to sit in a chair while my boyfriend ignores me to watch lacrosse on his phone," she shared in a Twitter thread back in 2019. "This is an outrage," she continued, before ending with an all caps tweet saying: "PAY ATTENTION TO ME."

It's no surprise that Friscia enjoys lacrosse, as he was on the men's lacrosse roster (as Cam Friscia) during his time at the U.S. Military Academy, or West Point. The site also shows that Friscia was on the roster for at least three years, from 2007 to 2009, and before that, he was the captain of the hockey and lacrosse teams while he was in high school at Choate Rosemary Hall. Of his skills on the field, lacrosse coach Bob Simmons said: "Cam brings heart to a team, That's his biggest contribution" (via Choate).

Kat Timpf wasn't sure about Cameron Friscia when she first met him

While it isn't known where Cameron Friscia was deployed after he graduated from West Point, he told "The Bill Handel Show" that he was on the ground in Afghanistan in 2012 as a member of the 101st Airborne, where they were stationed in Khost Province. He also reveals he saw combat during his tour of duty, and that he was one of the last combat deployments in the area before, in his words, "we started ... kind of breaking stuff down" (via Facebook). 

The Sun says Friscia left the military not long after that, in 2014, and it was then he began his career in investment banking as a broker at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith.

Kat Timpf reveals she met Friscia on Raya, the exclusive, members-only celebrity dating app which counts influencers and celebrities like Matthew Perry, Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato, and Drew Barrymore as members at one point or another (via Page Six). If Timpf had trusted her first impressions, there might not have been a wedding because, as she put it to People, he "seemed so clean-cut" when she stacked him up against her past beaus. But together, they knew how to have fun, as Timpf playfully revealed on social media when they showed off what Timpf called their "engagement photo" (via Instagram).

Kat Timpf says being with Cameron Friscia helped her see things in a new light

Kat Timpf reveals to People that falling in love with and marrying Cameron Friscia helped changed her mind about what being in love means. She says: "When I fell in love with Cam, though, I realized how wrong I was [about it] because I felt more free than I ever have in my entire life. Knowing that I have his support and love, I am more fully myself and I am myself more confidently than I ever thought I could be. I have less anxiety about things than I used to, too, because I know there is nothing that could ever be a match for the team that we are together. I feel so safe, but I'm also shocked to find that the safety isn't boring. I am having the time of my life with him."

She says he even changed her mind about wanting children, adding, "I am so excited to continue to grow with him and have the best time doing it. I never, ever wanted kids, nor did I understand why anyone ever would, but now, being with him, I feel like I could have his kids, so we will maybe probably do that in a few years. He has changed me for the better and it's the best feeling in the world."