Here's What It Means When Your Fingers Fall Asleep

You've probably experienced parts of your body feeling tingly or "asleep" in the past. You probably don't worry about it if you experience finger numbness occasionally. Often you can point to a reason why you're experiencing this feeling, like remaining in one position too long or something slightly restricting the blood flow. Sometimes your hands might even go numb while you're sleeping (via Healthline). Other times, that numb feeling strikes your fingers while you're sitting or going about your daily activities, and you might not be sure why. 


If you're feeling the tingling asleep sensation in your fingers, the good news is that it's very common, according to The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics. Typically, fingers or other body parts fall asleep because the nerves are compressed for too long, and it usually goes away once you begin moving around for a bit. 

While it can be painful, the tingling in your fingers is often not a sign of something serious. However, if it happens often, and you can't pinpoint a reason, you might need to investigate further, Web MD cautions, especially if the sensation doesn't go away quickly. 

Here's what could cause your fingers to fall asleep.

According to The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics, if the tingling in your fingers is frequent and doesn't go away quickly, it could be a sign of a more significant health issue. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a compressed nerve in your wrist could cause pain and numbness, especially in your pinky and thumb. Web MD noted that diabetes could also cause the feeling because of "peripheral neuropathy" associated with the condition. If the cause of your tingly fingers is diabetes-related neuropathy there's no cure, but you can discuss medications to manage it with your doctor. 


According to Healthline, other causes of unexplained tingling in your fingers could be a symptom of alcohol abuse or a vitamin B12 deficiency. Nerve damage, a ganglion cyst, fibromyalgia, medications, or poor sleeping posture could also be to blame for the loss of feeling. If your fingers regularly fall asleep and you're not sure why you can talk to your doctor about investigating the issue further. If you experience these sensations suddenly without explanation, you should also speak with your healthcare provider about possible causes and treatments.