The Real Reason You Shouldn't Buy Laundry Detergent At Dollar General

It's no secret that Dollar General stores are popping up everywhere. The popular discount retailer underwent a massive expansion in 2020, according to Supermarket News. After its rapid growth, Dollar General operates at least 17,177 stores in 46 states, so there's very likely one near you. If there isn't, keep your eyes peeled for possible new stores as the brand has plans to continue its expansion. 

Typically, Dollar General stores sell both perishables and home goods, making them a quick and easy stop where you can purchase several things you need for your household. You should buy bargains from snacks to party supplies and paper goods to certain cleaning items. You might already know that there are several things you shouldn't buy at Dollar General, like extension cords. However, there is one cleaning product that a shopping expert warned Reader's Digest you shouldn't buy there, and it might surprise you.

Here's why liquid laundry detergent isn't a great buy at Dollar General

One possibly surprising product you shouldn't buy at Dollar General is liquid laundry detergent. "Skip liquid detergents unless there is an expiration date," warned Brent Shelton, an online shopping expert for (via Reader's Digest). "Liquid detergents tend to lose their efficacy over time, so if the product has been on the shelf for over a year, it won't be as effective." 

If the bottle happens to have an expiration date listed, then you should check it to ensure that the date is far enough out that your household would probably use the entire bottle before it expires. According to The Spruce, you should try to use the whole bottle within six months of opening it. 

As for powdered laundry detergent, it is likely safe to buy at Dollar General. Powdered laundry cleaner doesn't expire or lose effectiveness unless it's exposed to water, which probably wouldn't happen under normal circumstances at the discount retailer. Still, if you're unsure of an item at Dollar General, it's probably best to skip it.