Here's What Sarah Neely From My 600-Lb Life Looks Like Now

The stories featured on "My 600-lb Life" run the gamut from life-affirming to devastating, frequently over the course of the same episode. Although the long-running TLC show is ostensibly about weight loss, it's about as far from "The Biggest Loser" as it's possible to be. The show's go-to doctor, Dr. Now isn't focused simply on getting patients into surgery, snipped, and sent on their way; the Texas-based surgeon wants to understand how these people got to where they are today, and why they want to change. 

"My 600-lb Life" has just as many horror stories as fairy-tales, but Sarah Neely was a strange combination of both. When her story began, Sarah weighed 642 pounds at just 24 years old and needed help doing essentially everything in her life (via YouTube). She even had a cellulitis infection and was struggling to wash or move her body. The Ohio native headed to Texas to meet with Dr. Now, but Sarah found his plan incredibly difficult to adhere to. Has she managed to sort herself out post-"My 600-lb Life?"

Sarah Neely fought for a happy life

As The Cinemaholic reports, Sarah Neely had a tough time on "My 600-lb Life," initially struggling to stick to Dr. Now's plan, which she started weighing in at 642 pounds. However, she gradually hit her goals and qualified for surgery, subsequently shedding more than 300 pounds, as per a follow-up episode. At one point, Sarah weighed in at 197 pounds, which created an incredible shift in her lifestyle. However, the former reality star sadly suffered a miscarriage and later entered rehab for her addiction problems, as she revealed in an Instagram post at the time. Thankfully, she's been doing really well in recent years, from working at Drury Inn & Suites in Albuquerque, New Mexico to celebrating one year of sobriety in 2020 (via Instagram).

The "My 600-lb Life" star got engaged to partner Jonah Carpenter in April 2020, as per Instagram, with the happy couple welcoming their first child, daughter Gwendolyn Snow Carpenter, later that same year. Sarah utilizes her social media accounts to encourage others who may be struggling with similar issues to follow in her footsteps and get the help they need. 

"Life is truly amazing," the former reality star told Starcasm in 2020, on foot of her pregnancy announcement. She added, "I'm ready for my life. A peaceful quiet life with my new starting out family. Being a good wife and a good mom are my focus. Enjoying life. That's all I want after all the chaos I've already lived."