Energy-Clearing Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Sage

Decluttering can feel amazing, especially when it's paired with an energetic clearing as well. If you're used to reaching for the sage after an argument or tense moment or just for spiritual maintenance, there are a few other ways to clear your space that don't require burning the classic plants like palo santo or sage — especially since both of these have recently become endangered.

Mindbodygreen notes that sound is incredibly powerful in moving stagnant energy. Activities like singing or playing instruments can help clear your throat and heart, the outlet explains; plus, it can help dislodge any stuck energy in your home as well. For instance, a wind chime that frames your front door may help cleanse anyone that comes into your space. Furthermore, the sound that you gravitate towards will likely help release any feelings of stagnancy or discomfort. Start by playing chimes, chants, singing bowls or mantra music and see which makes you feel the best.

Along with music, dancing helps get things moving too! By moving intuitively — however your body wants — it gets you further in touch with how you're really feeling. Of course, the outlet explains, moving physically helps shift your energy internally and externally. Making space to breathe, dancing or doing a fluid yoga practice can help ground you and impact the way you feel in your home.

Essential oils help clear your space as well

If burning herbs or playing music isn't your thing, you can switch up the energy in your home with a homemade spray. Byrdie explains that diffusing clarifying essential oils such as lemon or clary sage can have a similar effect to burning the herb itself. You can also make a concoction of your own with oils like lemon, cedarwood, juniper berry and sage. Add them to a bottle with distilled water and spritz for an uplifting change of pace, the outlet suggests. Of course, using high-quality materials and setting an intention to clear out any blockages in your space can make a big difference as well.

Of course, a good crystal can fix almost anything, including clearing the lower vibes from your home. Certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner explains to Byrdie, "[Crystals] that are in druzy or cluster form are best. They have the most termination points that send energy out in various directions to cover the most energetic ground." A good place to start is with selenite, the white crystal that many people are familiar with. Place this or black tourmaline close to your windows, doors and areas of entry to absorb any energy that's less than peaceful. Plus, adding amethyst to your space after you've cleared it can help anchor the soothing vibes in your home.

Anything that changes up the feeling in your home acts as a clearing method. From dancing to singing and adding crystals, you can transform your space into the sanctuary you've always wanted just by listening to what feels best for you.