Why You Should Reach For Alcohol When It's Time To Clean The House

The next time you look around the house and don't even know where to begin in your cleaning endeavor, try reaching for a bottle of alcohol. No, you don't need to imbibe while cleaning, but sometimes a bottle of alcohol in your liquor cabinet can be used for a completely different purpose.

While it seemed impossible to find disinfecting wipes and other essential cleaning items at the start of the coronavirus pandemic thanks to shortages caused by panic buying (via MoneyWise), many people had their house fully stocked with a cleaning item they may not have known about. It seems that a bottle of vodka or even a can of beer can come in handy in a pinch or any time, as alcohol can clean all sorts of surfaces without causing damage. 

BobVila.com reports that you can definitely stay sober while still putting a bottle of booze to work. You just have to know how to use what's in the bottle to get your home sparkling clean, pandemic or no pandemic.

Vodka is a very viable option for your cleaning routine

That bottle of vodka you've had sitting around for years can come in handy when it's time to wipe down surfaces around your house. Forget that glass cleaner that frequently leaves streaks, and pour some vodka in a spray bottle instead. Spray it on your mirror and watch that shine appear. You can do the same thing to clean chrome, according to Apartment Therapy. That pesky residue from stickers that you think you need a hair dryer to melt and remove? Not anymore. Simply spray some vodka on the sticker, let it soak a bit, and peel away.

If you want to freshen your linens, use vodka and a few drops of your favorite essential oil scent. Mix it into a small spray bottle to create a mist for your sheets, blankets, and pillows. You can even spray your mattress to deodorize it, but it's best to let the vodka dry completely before replacing your sheets and comforter. And those stinky gym shoes you want to just toss? Don't. Use your vodka-essential oil mist to deodorize those, too.

You can also clean your chandelier with vodka, as well as wipe away mold and mildew in your kitchen and bathroom, according to BobVila.com.

Other alcoholic beverages to make your house shine

Vodka isn't the only thing in your fridge or liquor cabinet that can do the trick. Use beer to clean metal faucets, as well as your favorite wood furniture. Just don't forget to rinse the faucets after cleaning to prevent a sticky residue, according to BobVila.com. You can even spruce up your living area by giving your plants a boost with beer. Simply pour a splash into the soil a few times a week and watch that greenery thrive.

Don't forget to put that whiskey to good use by cleaning some of your accessories. Whiskey can make a fine addition to any pipe cleaner. Just dip the pipe cleaner in some whiskey and get the gunk out of your tobacco pipe. You can also put a dab of gin on a cloth to make your favorite jewelry pieces shine again. 

Who knew that a shot of alcohol could have amazing uses in your home?