The Real Reason You Shouldn't Buy Oven Mitts At Dollar General

Things are getting worn out in your kitchen, and you need to replace them but can't afford spending a ton of money at the moment. Heading over to Dollar General will help, right? You can find plastic bowls, pots, pans, measuring cups, spoons, dish towels, and those all-important oven mitts so you can cook and not get burned. While many items are just fine to get at Dollar General, oven mitts are not on that list, according to Reader's Digest.

Dollar stores like Dollar General keep items cheap using a variety of methods, and it pays. Business Insider reported that in 2019, dollar stores were heading into a 29-year-long growth streak, despite online retailers like Amazon offering stiff competition. Keeping costs down helps Dollar General stay popular, and they don't always do it by skimping on quality.

The store cuts costs by using its own brands. For example, Clover Leaf is the company's food brand. Brand names often come in smaller containers with smaller quantities. You can also find Dollar General in rural and suburban communities where rent is often cheaper than in metropolitan areas, according to Business Insider. However, there are some items you should be careful about buying from Dollar General, and oven mitts are included on that list.

Don't get burned buying oven mitts at Dollar General

A good pair of oven mitts is key to avoiding burns when you're cooking or baking. Whether you're boiling water for spaghetti or cooking a roast in the oven, you'll need quality oven mitts to keep your hands protected. According to Reader's Digest, you won't find the right oven mitts at Dollar General. "Cheaply made oven mitts won't offer enough padding for protection against heated cookware and baking dishes," consumer and saving expert Andrea Woroch told Reader's Digest. The Bob Vila site notes that "many dollar store varieties are made of thin, cheap material that can't protect your fingers from hot cookware." A good bargain is great, but not at the cost of getting burned.

Woroch recommends getting a good pair of oven mitts with silicone protection like professional chefs use to avoid painful burns and accidents. Interesting Things also advises using silicone oven mitts because you can grip pots and pans better, and they tolerate heat better than quilted cotton ones.

That doesn't mean you have to skip the traditional style, as you can buy hybrid mitts. Use the quilted cotton for comfort while taking advantage of silicone grips on the fingers for safety (via Interesting Things).