Baby Carlos From The Hangover Is Growing Up Fast

First, there was the Gerber baby. Then, Rosemary's baby. And then, in 2009, there was Baby Carlos, joining the ranks of the iconic infants in pop culture after he made his debut in "The Hangover." A raunchy comedy about a bachelor weekend gone wrong, the movie features its main characters waking up after a wild night out surrounded by the evidence of all the miscellaneous forms of mischief they got up to — and one piece of that evidence is a baby they find in their hotel room closet. But whatever happened to that baby?

While Carlos (whose real name in the film was Tyler) was featured prominently on the movie poster, he was only in a few minutes of the movie. However, he did make a grand return in one of the sequels. In "The Hangover Part III," Tyler came back, and he was actually played by a familiar face (via People). Though eight different babies played the part of Tyler/Carlos in the first film, the baby featured most prominently in the final cut was Grant Holmquist, and he went on to reprise his role in the third film.

Baby Carlos from 'The Hangover' grew up before our eyes

After stealing the show, Grant stayed out of the limelight — and so did his twin sister Avery, another one of the baby actors who played Carlos in the first film. In 2013, however, Grant made his grand return in "The Hangover Part III," beating out plenty of older kids for the role. And while he was still pretty young at the time, mom Carrie Holmquist told TooFab in 2019 that it was a memorable experience for them all.

"One of his favorite stories to tell is when director Todd Phillips let him choose a toy from the play room set and Grant asked if he could bring one home for his sister, Avery too," she shared. "He also remembers a game Zach made up called 'Guess Grant's Middle Name.' We gave him a ton of hints and eventually we had to tell him!"

Now nearly a decade has passed, Carrie says he and Avery have even gotten to watch their scenes from the film — though she's waiting for them to get a little older before they can check out the full flick. While the twins are in middle school now, their mom said they'll probably wait until they "hit high school and can appreciate some of the situation jokes more." As for now, it seems Grant has left the child star life behind and is just a normal kid. As of 2019, he was graduating elementary school, making honor roll, and solving Rubik's cubes like a champ. Now that's what we call a star!