What It Really Means When You Dream About A Plane Crash

Dreaming about a situation as chaotic as a plane crash will likely make you ponder your mental state at the time of the dream. Despite their scary and chaotic nature, nightmares do not often reveal anything sinister about your mental health, aside from the fact that they might point to the fact that you are feeling a bit more stressed than normal. Nightmares can actually be useful, as they force our brains to confront those things, concrete or abstract, that scare us.

"Nightmares are a way for us to process our fears — both the spoken, obvious fears and the unspoken, less conscious fears we possess," psychotherapist Annie Armstrong told Bustle. "It is also thought that nightmares help us prepare for worst case scenarios, solve problems, or connect to and better understand, even tolerate, existential fears."

As Armstrong told Bustle, it's important to analyze the symbols in your dreams and nightmares — like a plane — and how they may be a reaction to something that you are currently going through. According to the New York Daily News, dreaming about a plane crash can represent a much-needed release of anger or even a desire to confront something or someone in your life. The plane crash could also point to the fact that you're currently in a difficult position in your life.

A plane crash nightmare could be forcing you to face your fears

While dreaming of a plane crash can point to inner turmoil, it is still important to understand that the appearance of an airplane in a dream can still symbolize the beginning of new encounters or chapters in your life. In other words, careening violently toward the earth in an airplane doesn't always mean that you need to reevaluate your entire life's purpose. In fact, if you were not scared as the plane crashed down, the dream could be demonstrating that your subconscious feels as though you are on the right path and will reach a new level of success in the near future, according to Angel Number. However, if you wake up in a pool of fear-induced sweat after the plane crash nightmare, your brain could be bringing attention to your worst fears and failures that you have been attempting to push to the side.

If you are simply expecting a plane crash to occur in a dream, your subconscious could be preparing for potential danger or problems in your future, per Angel Number. Watching a plane crash take place in a dream can also point to danger on the horizon. Essentially, watching a plane crash can reveal the fact that you either are struggling to finish what you started or the plans that you set in motion are not going the way you had originally desired. Dreams that involve your loved ones being in a plane crash point to the simple fact that you don't want to lose them.