These Are The Best Pressure Points To Soothe Anxiety

There are tons of options available to help yourself cope with anxiety. From massage to breathwork workshops and more, coping mechanisms are relative to each person. Some people find themselves soothed by working with pressure points on the body called acupressure — a system that relies heavily on acupunctural principles. Currently, Mindbodygreen reports, generalized anxiety disorder is the most common mental health issue in the United States. You're certainly not alone in trying to find techniques that provide relief.

The outlet explains that an acupuncture practitioner will be able to help soothe your anxiety through different pressure points after discussing your symptoms. You can learn of a few points on your own or go through your acupuncture provider for more options. Shen calming points are the ones to press when you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed in general; these work specifically with the nervous system. Simply press down with medium pressure for a minute or a minute and a half to get things moving and soothe your system.

Start with Kidney 27, a point underneath your collarbone two finger widths away from the middle of your chest. Press with your fingers and breathe deeply as this point widens the chest, spurs deeper breathing and reduces anxiety. Also, pressing the Yin Tang — the point in between your eyebrows — helps to calm your mind and body.

Acupressure can improve sleep quality and breathing patterns

Since stress and anxiety are linked to many other issues, acupressure points can help soothe a multitude of symptoms with one spot. For instance, Spleen 6 on the inner leg helps to reduce stress and sleeplessness. Acupuncturist Stefanie DeLibero tells Vogue, "Find the top of your inner ankle, and measure four-fingers-width distance from there towards your knee. You will feel a bone (your tibia); this point is located just behind that bone."

She notes that Spleen 6 "is great for all women's health concerns, which can be made more difficult with increased stress and anxiety."

Another classic point is the inner wrist. "To find this point, supinate your palm and measure two-thumbs-width distance from the midpoint of your wrist crease towards your elbow," she notes. Press for 30 seconds and repeat on your opposite arm. "This point calms the heart and spirit, and treats an upset stomach due to stress. It also soothes irritability and promotes restful sleep."

As for how this technique works, DeLibero explains, "Qi, or life force, travels through the body in meridians, which are like highways. There are certain stops along the 'highways' where the energy accumulates and can be more easily accessed. These are acupressure or acupuncture points."

Pressing down on these areas is certainly worth a shot, especially if you're looking for relief.