The Truth About Naomi Campbell's Desire To Be A Mother

Naomi Campbell made headlines in May 2021 with the news that she's become a mother to a baby girl at the age of 50. 

She announced the surprise news through Instagram on May 18 with a picture of her hand holding the baby's feet. The reveal gained over 1 million likes on the social media platform. But while her baby daughter might be her first, it's been reported that the iconic supermodel has wanted to start a family for a while now, (via People). 

Campbell, who's been in long-term relationships with the likes of businessmen Flavio Briatore and Vladislav Doronin (via Insider), has dated former One Direction member Liam Payne and British rapper Skepta in the last couple of years (via Marie Claire), but the identity of the baby's father is so far unknown. Regardless, it's noted that the new family addition has been a long-time coming for the supermodel.

Naomi has been ready for motherhood for years

According to People, a source has suggested that Naomi Campbell has been wanting a baby for over ten years. As for speculation over the baby's father, the source shared, "Anyone who's surprised Naomi is having a baby on her own, her own way, and on her own timetable doesn't know Naomi Campbell." The insider quipped, "Hasn't she redefined everything she's ever touched?" 

Becoming a mom for the first time in her 50s, the London-born supermodel has been described by some as an older mother (via The Independent), but it's just another example of her doing her own thing on her own time. Campbell took to Twitter to share her excitement with a heartwarming message, writing, "A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother, So honoured to have this gentle soul in my life there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love." Of course the star's fans sent her love and positive vibes. 

Actress Michelle Gayle commented on the tweet, writing, "Yes!!! Your blessing is her blessing! I know you will be an incredible mother. So happy for you xxx." Another Twitter user added, "Mazel tov sis!!! So happy for you and your little girl."