The Kylie Cosmetics Products That Blackpink Swear By

Blackpink isn't just in your area, they're all over the place in an all-out quest for world domination. Aside from being hugely talented singers, dancers, rappers, and musicians, the South Korean stars are some of the most beautiful women in the public consciousness. They're uniquely gorgeous too, which is why some of the hottest beauty brands out there have tapped the ladies to personify their brands in mass marketing campaigns (via Dazed).

Everybody wants to know how Blackpink manages to look so effortlessly glamorous all the time, whether they're performing on stage or being snapped by paparazzi. Working 24/7 in a girl group, as well as taking part in lucrative fashion campaigns and maintaining a compelling public persona would take it out of anyone. But the members of Blackpink aren't just anybody; they trained hard to be in the position they're in now and, unsurprisingly, these four starlets know exactly what they're doing. One of their secrets? Products from Kylie Cosmetics.

The K-pop stars are beauty mavens

Rosé, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo, who together form Blackpink, never look anything less than perfect. If you're wondering how they do it, fear not, because the group shared their beauty secrets with "Get it Beauty," a South Korean show about beauty. As Very Kemi notes, the foursome divulged their favorite products including Jisoo's love of a simple tub of Vaseline, which is juxtaposed against her favorite high-end YSL glossy stain lip color. Rosé, meanwhile, goes to Christian Dior for her primer and foundation, and MAC for eye colors and brows. Lisa is the biggest beauty hoarder out of the group, marking out a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush, MAC Bronzer, and Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter as personal faves.

While Jennie uses products from several beauty brands, many of her favorites are from Kylie Jenner's line, Kylie Cosmetics. The lady known as "Human Chanel" especially loves the Burgundy and Bronze "Kyshadow" Palettes in particular and, of course, the brand's iconic Lip Kit. 

Although they're hugely successful pop stars, Blackpink appears to opt for beauty products that normal folk could easily partake in too. As Harper's Bazaar notes in a rundown of some of Rosé's best looks, the K-pop stars typically don't go overboard when it comes to their makeup looks. And, considering they favor more accessible brands like Kylie Cosmetics, MAC, and KVD Beauty, we can follow their lead without breaking the bank.