What It Really Means When You Dream About Dinosaurs

We've discussed what it means to dream about all sorts of animals: spiders, bears, birds, fish, etc., and while they each have vastly different significance when seen in dreams, they do all have one thing in common; each of these animals exist in today's world, and we have decent chances of running across them or seeing them in the wild at some point in our lives. But what if you dream about an animal that hasn't graced this earth for millions of years, and likely never encountered any human? We're talking about dinosaurs. 

Sure, if you happen to be a big "Jurassic Park" fan and fell asleep watching one of the movies, it's no mystery why you might have dreamt that a giant T-Rex was trying to break its way into your Jeep. But what if you haven't read or watched something about dinosaurs recently, and yet these ancient, gigantic creatures made an appearance in your sleep? The possible interpretations are more complex than you might think. 

Dinosaurs can represent monsters from your past

The thing that's different about dinosaurs, when compared to other animals frequently seen in dreams, is that they're extinct. These ancient giants hold a particular place in our imaginations for that reason, and they also have certain meaning to our subconscious as well. Seeing these long-dead beings in our dreams could mean that issues or problems or unresolved feelings from our past that have been deeply buried are returning to be dealt with (via Dream Astro Meaning). Maybe some unresolved trauma was recently triggered by something, maybe someone you haven't seen in years resurfaced, or maybe you're being challenged by something or someone in your life to break an old pattern. 

While this can feel frightening and troubling (both in the dream and in waking life), the returning of something "ancient" and "gigantic," like dinosaurs are, can be an opportunity for real healing rather than simply burying or running from your past. Take the time to consider what this dream might be telling you and how you can approach dealing with this resurrected monster in the safest and healthiest way possible  

If you dream of being chased by a dinosaur

If you are being hunted or chased by a dinosaur in your dream, and you are continually trying to outrun it or hide from it, this could mean you fear the change that comes from dealing with something difficult (like your past traumas coming up behind you). If you are refusing to take on this dinosaur, to turn around and look at it, to take up arms and fight back against it, and are instead cowering or hiding, it means you are refusing to deal with the issue at hand (via Aunty Flo). Further, if the animal in question is a raptor specifically, this could indicate that your fear is extreme and completely overtaking your life, as raptors stalked with ruthless precision. Hiding is futile from a raptor, and it is futile to hide from your own fear as well. It's time to face it, as that is the first step to overcoming it. 

If you kill a dinosaur in your dream or fight it off and win, you have ended a cycle from your past. You have become victorious over whatever fear or trauma was haunting and stalking you. It's truly, finally over, and now you get to breathe freer, happier air. 


Positive interpretations of dinosaur dreams

What if you're someone who, rather than dreaming about agressive or dangerous dinosaurs hunting or chasing you, dreams of happily co-existing with dinosaurs? Maybe you are riding a brontosaurus through a forrest or walking through a field and admiring the beauty of a grazing stegosaurus? If this is the case, it could mean that you don't have any fears from your past that are haunting you (via Angel Number). In other words, you happily coexist with the truths from your past, even the potentially frightening or traumatic ones. You have made peace with yourself, with your past, and with your story, and you may even find beauty and meaning when you look back and examine incidents that once seemed world-ending or life-shattering. 

If you dream that you actually are a dinosaur, this denotes your power, strength, and courage. You feel on top of the world, unafraid, and like nothing has the power to take you down or hurt you. You know your path and you are walking tall in the direction of your dreams,