How To Make Your Morning Routine More Eco-Friendly

The concept of creating a more eco-friendly morning can seem a little overwhelming, as there's a lot to think about. As per Maed, you know that making simple changes to your routine is the right thing to do if it means helping the planet, but you're just not sure how to go about making those changes.

It's easy to assume that in order to lead a more eco-conscious life, you need to make big, life-changing adaptations, but that isn't necessarily the case. According to Today, Mimi Ausland, co-founder and CEO of Free the Ocean, recommends that you start small and says, "It can be a little overwhelming to try and make everything sustainable all at once, so I recommend starting with one area. Take it a step at a time."

As per Maed, small and consistent changes often have the power to make the biggest impact, which is why one of the easiest places to start when it comes to leading a more eco-friendly life is to begin with your morning routine.

What should be your starting point for a more eco-friendly morning routine?

A good starting point, according to Maed, is to look at your coffee and how you're making it. Single-use coffee pods might be easy, but they also create an ethical issue, especially if they're non-recyclable. Maed reports that Nespresso has created a recycling program designed to help deal with the issue that single-use plastic coffee pods have created. Aim to purchase recyclable coffee pods or use reusable ones instead.

Elle shared that content creator Rachel Nguyen suggests that instead of using a plastic toothbrush, opt to use a bamboo, fully-compostable one and swap to an eco-friendly toothpaste. 

Did you know that, according to Today, in the U.S. alone one billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year? Ausland also recommends that once your toothbrush is too old to use to clean your teeth anymore, you should repurpose it to clean other items, such as your shoes or for household cleaning.

Another simple step that you can take to lead a more eco-conscious life is to pack your water bottle whenever you head out. As per Maed, it's best to invest in a few water bottles to have on hand, such as one for use at home, one to store in the car, and one to leave at the office. With a few reusable bottles dotted about, you should never find yourself in need of a plastic water bottle.

Can you adapt your morning self-care to be more eco-friendly?

Nguyen suggested to Elle that it's worthwhile making sustainable beauty swaps for reusable swabs and facial cleansing cloths that can be washed and reused instead of thrown away.

As per Today, Ausland also recommends opting for cosmetic products, like face creams, that come in reusable glass jars and makeup that is packaged in paper, glass, or other form of compostible packaging, and explains that there are lots of companies that offer products that are designed to be environmentally conscious. 

Ausland also suggests not using shower products that come in plastic bottles or containers. She explains that there are plenty of DIY, eco-friendly formulas available online, and also recommends using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of liquids to help cut down on single-use plastic. She says that there are plenty of brands offering eco-friendly alternatives to regular self-care products.

Maed recommends stocking up on clean beauty products, from makeup to skincare, and explains that it's crucial to think about packaging when buying self-care products, and to make sure that you're buying from ethically conscious brands.