sMothered Stars Angelica & Sunhe Dish On The Show And Motherhood - Exclusive Interview

Stars of "sMothered," Sunhe and daughter Angelica have a bond that truly knows no bounds, and the series really wouldn't be the same without them. Ever since the show first aired in 2019, this mother-daughter duo has shared every major moment of their lives with us, and over the course of two seasons, nothing has been off-limits, either. Everything from an inside look into Jason's divorce all the way to the big news of a baby were shared. We got to experience all these extreme moments alongside them, and their story still isn't over. Season 3 is coming, and we got the chance to sit down with them and hear all about it.

In an exclusive interview with The List, Angelica and Sunhe told us all about the new baby, something they wish the cameras could show us all, and what we can expect to see during the newest season of "sMothered."

Why Angelica and Sunhe wanted to star on sMothered

You guys have been on "sMothered" for three seasons now. Congrats!

Angelica: Thank you.

Sunhe: Thank you. We never thought it would go this far.

Angelica: We didn't.

Sunhe: Never.

I want to start at the beginning. How did you first get involved with the show?

Sunhe: It was all her actually. I didn't want any involvement.

Oh, really? Why is that?

Sunhe: I mean, believe it or not, I'm extremely private, and I didn't want to do it because of that reason. But then I have to think about, I have to support her in her dreams. So after thinking about it, I was like, "Let's do it."

Angelica: Thank goodness! [Laughs] I kind of need you to do it!

Angelica, what made you want to be a part of the show?

Angelica: Well, I always have known that my mom and I have a very unique relationship, ever since I was a young girl. My mom has established this wonderful relationship with me. When I saw the casting, I knew that we would be perfect for it. I literally knew that this is us.

Sunhe: Her excitement was exhilarating.

Sunhe and Angelica were shocked by the success of sMothered

Since you guys have been on the show, has your experience so far been what you thought it was going to be when you signed on?

Sunhe: Of course it's not. It's more than what we even planned or [had] seen for the future. We never expected such success with the show. We're going to Season 3 now, and I still can't believe it.

Angelica: I 100% agree with my mom. We never thought that it would go this far. We're glad that it is, but we hope it continues to go for a few more seasons. But as far as like how the experience has been, it's been pretty amazing to be able to share our journey, and all these huge life changes that we're experiencing, we're experiencing together.

Sunhe: And all at once. [Laughs]

I noticed that! [Laughs]

Sunhe: Yeah! [Laughs]

Angelica: And now with everyone on national TV.

Was it strange to get used to having cameras around all the time? Because I know, Sunhe, you said you're a very private person.

Sunhe: You know, actually it doesn't bother me. I'm like — I'm such a perfectionist, too, so I'm always constantly asking, "Hey did we look okay on this?" Or, "Can we angle the camera a certain way?" I try to take over. [Laughs]

Angelica: [Laughs] Imagine that.

Sunhe: I try to take over, and it's like, "We got this." Yeah, they put me back on like, "We got this, Sunhe. Don't worry."

Were either of your fiancés hesitant about joining the show with you at first?

Sunhe: I don't remember them being hesitant. I think, actually, it was the opposite. They were excited about it. Maybe Brett was a little apprehensive, but he's such a natural, and he speaks so well, and I love his voice. So for me that was a plus.

The funny story behind Angelica's first date with Jason

You guys often go out on dates with each other. I did want to ask you, Angelica, because Jason plays such a big part in the show — what was your first date with him like? And, Sunhe, were you there for that?

Sunhe: That's when I first met him. [Laughs]

Angelica: Actually, Jason and I were friends first. So he had been asking me out. I think he asked me out like 10 times, because I said, "No." [Laughs] We worked together, and my mom always taught me you shouldn't date someone that you work with, because you don't mix those two. And so I just wanted to be his friend, but we went out, and I said, "I'm bringing someone," but I didn't specify that I was bringing my mom, and so he just thought that I was bringing a friend. So I show up, and it's both of us, and he doesn't know she's my mom –

Sunhe: He's never met me, and here we are at this really nice bar slash — I think it was club, right? And we're just sitting there, jamming to some music, having a good old time. This guy comes up behind me, and he was really close to me and touched me on my waist, was like, "Hello." And I was like, "Who the hell are you?" [Laughs]

Angelica: Yeah, and then I was like, "This is my mom." And he was like — [Angelica makes a shocked face]. He was being friendly.

Sunhe: A little too friendly. [Laughs] We'll never forget that moment, though.

Sunhe, what about your first date with Brett? Was Angelica there?

Sunhe: Well, the first time Angelica met Brett was actually, it was a planned date. He was going to meet her. But on an actual date with us three, that wasn't what happened. It was a different setting.

Angelica and Sunhe's bond comes before anything else

Your fiancés are very heavily involved in the show with you guys, so the show's not only about your relationship. It's about the relationship that you have with these men as well. How does it feel when you're watching the episodes and you see what they have to say about your relationship when they're being interviewed?

Angelica: I think that they say what any normal man would say who's in a relationship with a "sMothered" gal. I mean, they probably wish that maybe they had more time with us, but this just, kind of, [is] how it is with both of us. They have to share their time. And obviously, our time together is the most important.

Sunhe: It is the most important. Absolutely. We are the priority.

Angelica: Yes, each other.

Sunhe: Yes.

Sunhe and Angelica compare their fiancés to each other

Sunhe, you say quite a few times on the show that if you met a man that was like Angelica, you would marry him in an instant. What qualities do you see in Brett that resemble your daughter?

Sunhe: That's a good question. Thank you for asking. I think the loyalty is top of the list. Very loyal and supports ... things that I pursue and loves me for me with all my bad attitudes.

Angelica: She doesn't have any bad attitude. I don't know what she's talking about.

Sunhe: See, look how she is. She's so, like — she's extremely protective, and she is my No. 1 fan. And I feel that Brett is the same way.

Angelica: I have to just add real quick, like when he looks at her, he blushes like a 12-year-old boy.

Sunhe: He still blushes. It's going on six years next month.

Angelica: Wow. That's a long time. And then when they FaceTime each other, he'll say, he'll look at her and he'll go, "Oh, my." [Laughs]

Sunhe: Or "mmm, mmm, mmm." [Laughs]

You have to be with someone like that.

Sunhe: Yes, it is important.

Angelica: Every woman deserves to feel beautiful with their own partner.

I wanted to ask you the same question, Angelica. What do you see in Jason that is similar to your mom?

Angelica: Hmm. You know, Jason is probably one of the most thoughtful people I've ever known besides my mom. He definitely takes care of me. I really don't have to worry about anything, and that's what my mom does for me. I never have to worry about anything. And just the comradery I have with Jason, it's different than what I have with my mom. But he's the person that I can see myself with when we're like 70 [or] 75 –

Sunhe: [makes a funny face and laughs]

Angelica: And still laughing and being goofy together. That's exactly how my mom and I are.

Angelica explains the ending we never saw on Season 2 of sMothered

Angelica, I know your mom was expecting it, but were you expecting that Jason was going to propose to you on that boat ride at the end of Season 2?

Angelica: I had absolutely no idea that he was going to propose, but my mom she's like, "He's going to propose." And I was like, "I don't know."

Sunhe: I had a feeling that's what he was going to do.

Angelica: Yeah. I'm so glad he did though.

Well, yes! And how was the cruise, because we never saw that!

Angelica: It was amazing. It was so relaxing, and the Bahamas were beautiful. The water is crystal blue. The people were very hospitable, and it was just a really great trip for him, myself, and our unborn baby. [Laughs] She went, too.

What it's like watching the show you're starring on, according to Angelica and Sunhe

How has it felt to watch your relationship play out on live TV when you guys are sitting at home watching the episodes? What are you feeling?

Sunhe: We're still so tickled when we watch ourselves on television. It's like, "Who is that? Who is that?" We're still humbled by the fact that we're still on television. We could never take it for granted. And so thankful for this opportunity.

Angelica: We're so very blessed to be able to share our journey in our lives with everyone.

How Angelica's daughter changed this mother-daughter duo's dynamic

Angelica, since becoming a mom to Amara, how has that affected your relationship with your own mom?

Sunhe: Uh, excuse me? I'm the mom. [Laughs]

Angelica: Oh, my gosh.

Sunhe: She was my surrogate! [Laughs]

Angelica: She keeps saying, "My daughter." I'm like, "No! She's your granddaughter!"

Sunhe: Or "Mama will get you baba," which means bottle, of course. And I'm like, "Oh, yeah. Angelica is your mother," so I catch myself saying stuff like that. It's not being vindictive or anything like that. It's just, naturally, I think the mother side is definitely taking over.

That instinct, yeah. Are you really involved then?

Sunhe: Extremely involved. I'm with her 24/7.

Angelica: All the time.

Sunhe: 24/7 I'm with her.

Angelica: I would not know what to do. I probably would be bald by now if my mom wasn't here helping. [Laughs] Being a mom is the most wonderful experience I've ever had in my life, and it's also the most difficult. I had not had this experience ever, and it's not something that, I think, anybody can really prepare you for. They can try to help. And my mom, she has done so much for Amara and I, but this experience, I don't think, would have been the same if my mom wasn't right here by my side.

How Angelica's perspective has changed since becoming a parent

Angelica, your mom constantly says on the show, "I'm trying to protect you." Do you understand that a little bit more since you now have your own daughter?

Angelica: I definitely do now, and I think I might be worse. [Laughs]

Sunhe: She's the smothering mother now.

Angelica: Yes, yes. I don't know. I'm starting to think about when she gets older, if she's not at home, is she okay? What is she doing? Am I going to have to FaceTime her? Or whatever the technology will be at that point. [Laughs] I mean, it's just I'll be thinking about her all the time, and I'm already doing it. So now I definitely know how my mom feels.

Sunhe: I feel great, because I get to see all the firsts, and then I'll videotape and send it to her. So I'm like, "It's me first! I'm the grandma!" [Laughs]

Angelica: She videotapes everything, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything, because being a mom and also working full-time, I sometimes — I get a little sentimental, because I'm not going to be there maybe when certain things happen, and my mom's going to be there. So I feel really grateful, but also a tad bit jealous that I can't be with my daughter all the time.

What Angelica and Sunhe say the cameras aren't showing us at home

Have there been any moments from "sMothered" so far that you wish that fans were able to see? Was there something that wasn't included in an episode?

Sunhe: The gender reveal. Definitely.

Angelica: Yes — that. I was going to say gender reveal, because she came really fast, and then COVID happened, and we couldn't do anything. But besides that, what I wish people would see more about my mom is the nice side of her. Because you don't really see that. You see — I wouldn't say harping on Jason, but I would say she just wants things to get done. And so you see the assertive side of her all the time, but what you don't see is the sweet, soft side that I've grown up with my entire life. And I wish fans could see more of that and how funny she is.

Sunhe, is there something else you wish that fans saw?

Sunhe: Gosh, I don't know. I can't answer that right now.

Angelica: Have you seen the "sMothered Knows Best" episodes? We really like doing that, because we can really be ourselves, because our storyline doesn't really call for jokey, jokey, goofy stuff. But when we're doing the "sMothered Knows Best," we can be ourselves –

Sunhe: More. We can be ourselves a little more. More relaxed, more — You just get to see the sides that the show doesn't convey or show. So when you see that during "sMothered Knows Best," it's, like — it's very refreshing. It's like a breath of fresh air when you see that.

Absolutely — like take a step back, kind of watching everything.

Sunhe: Yes, and see the laughter and see the jokes that you make with each other. And even say things that you may say it in private, but you will share that with the fans. So yes. It's pretty special.

Why shooting sMothered is so hard for Angelica and Sunhe

What has been the hardest part of your experience being on the show?

Angelica: Oh, my goodness. I cry so much on the show. I don't cry that much in real life. [Laughs]

Sunhe: She really doesn't. But you know what, when we're filming, we get in touch with our inner feelings that we have locked away. It's safe. It's the realm of not sharing certain things with people, and you keep it so close to your heart. And when we're filming, we get in touch with those feelings, and it comes out, and we get so emotional.

Thinking about it actually is like making me cry right now, because we have so much that we have shared that no one really knows about. And then here we are all of a sudden, we're exposing that and sharing that. It's like the unfolding of something that we kept as like a treasure locked up, and we just hit our emotions with it. Then we start crying, and it's almost like we're in therapy. It's therapeutic in the same sense. It's not a place where we would normally would like to go to, but when we're filming, it comes out, and it's revealed.

Angelica: It's almost like our vulnerability. We're vulnerable with everybody that's watching us. And that's not something that we are. We're not outwardly like that, so the show really brings that out. So it's kind of nice that we get to share that with everyone.

Sunhe: Because we share those secret treasures of memories and things that's happened to us together.

Angelica: With each other.

Sunhe: Yes, but we don't generally share it with anyone. We're the safe place together.

Angelica: My home.

Sunhe: Yes. Our home. Mhm.

The mother-daughter duo that Angelica and Sunhe relate to the most

A fun question: which mother-daughter duo from the show do you relate to the most?

Sunhe: I would say — from [the] first season — it would be Sandra and Mariah, because before I got engaged, and I was living in Colorado Springs, and I was newly divorced after about 15 years, I went ... crazy. But yes, Mariah and Sandra definitely reminds us of those days where we were both single and just having a great time. It was a new, like a learning thing for me, because when I was younger, I never really dated or went out with people and set up dates. It was something very new for me.

Angelica: Right. She was raising me during those — you want to call them "party years."

Sunhe: I was a mom. I was definitely a mom.

Angelica: And we would tell people that we were sisters with different dads. [Laughs]

Sunhe: Yeah, they would believe us. They would literally believe us. Like I'm the older sister. She's the youngest sister. With different dads.

Angelica: My dad's obviously taller. [Laughs]

What fans can expect to see on Season 3 of sMothered and beyond

In Season 3, we're going to be meeting Angelica's daughter, Amara, for the first time. We're also going to meet Jason's mom. Is there anything else you can tell us about the new season?

Sunhe: Well, my mother is going to be joining us, so you'll get to meet my mother during a segment. So we'll see how that goes.

Angelica: We're the only duo that has three generations, and that's it.

I can't wait! Thank you so much. It's been fun chatting with you guys!

Sunhe: Thank you, Kelsie!

Angelica: You too! Thank you so much.

Sunhe: Hopefully, we'll see you again.

Absolutely! I'd love to follow up with you guys in 20 years when, Angelica, you're on a "sMothered" spin-off with your own daughter!

Angelica: Oh, my gosh!

Sunhe: Oh, my goodness! That would be fabulous. You never know.

Angelica: The future, honey.

The newest season of TLC's "sMothered" will be airing on an all new night. Season 3 premieres on Monday, May 31 at 9 p.m. EST/PST.