The Real Reason You Shouldn't Buy Hair Products At Dollar General

Next time you're shopping at Dollar General, you might want to avoid buying hair products along with the rest of your items. It might be tempting to get the products while you're there — after all, if something's being sold at Dollar General, it must be pretty cheap, right? And if you're already buying a few things, what's one or two more to add to your cart?

However, while many of the varied items at Dollar General might be cheap, that doesn't mean you should be buying them from the retailer when there are better alternatives waiting for you. Hair products are just one example of something you shouldn't buy at the dollar store (while school supplies are another) — here's the real reason you shouldn't buy products for your hair at Dollar General, and where you might want to go instead. Can you save money and potentially get a better product too?

Hair products might be cheaper elsewhere

According to Reader's Digest, you're likely to get a better deal elsewhere. Instead of going to Dollar General, head to a big-box store like Walmart — ideally with a coupon — and check out their range. There tends to be a greater selection of products like shampoo and conditioner at Walmart than at the dollar store, and there will often be sales on, allowing you to get some great discounts! With these sales, you can often find hair products at a cheaper price than at Dollar General, and you can have more choice too!

Consumer analyst Julie Ramhold echoes those thoughts, telling Kiplinger, "Buying toiletries at dollar stores will usually mean paying more per unit than at other retailers." Instead, she says, "opt for shopping at big box stores like Target," where you'll have more choices and cheaper per-ounce prices.

While Dollar General is great for some products (via Insider), it'll definitely pay to have a look at the hair products in Walmart or Target the next time you make a visit — you might find the perfect new product for you, and at a reasonable price. It's not just hair products either, as some other items are cheaper at Walmart than at the dollar store. How much money could you save?