The Truth About sMothered Duo Amy And Carina

TLC's resident mother-daughter reality series "sMothered" returns with its third season on May 31, 2021, and with it comes returning and new pairs, (via the New York Post). According to the Post, three new pairs of mothers and daughters will enter the series for Season 3: Lisa and Lauren, Karla and Rykia, and Amy and Carina. All three pairs appear in the third season's trailer, and are shockingly close – which is no surprise given the show's premise of detailing extremely close bonds.

Amy, the mother in the pair, and Carina, her daughter, are from Hawaii and take particular interest in spirituality and animals, per TLC's bio on them. Moreover, they take showers together and sleep in the same bed, and TLC says they may be getting in each other's way romantically. Causing trouble for each other's dating life could make great reality television, so we're excited to see this play out in Season 3.

In the Season 3 trailer, Amy and Carina are shown to share panties with each other. Again, this comes as no surprise in the series' context, as another mother-daughter pair is seen waxing each other's genital area in the trailer. When asked by a producer if they can tell whose panties are whose via a sniff test, Carina answers no, but Amy quickly adds an enthusiastic yes directly after.

How many hours a day do Amy and Carina spend together?

According to Starcasm, Amy and Carina have 11 pets together. These animals include two great danes and eight ducks, and honestly what could go wrong with that combination? Starcasm also clarifies the two's spirituality, explaining that Amy and Carina feel spiritually connected to one another and feel as though they needed each other in a previous life. This seems par for the course with this show and its pairs, so this is probably the most mundane aspect of their relationship. Starcasm notes that it's Amy who's beginning to worry about their dating lives and how her relationship with her daughter is affecting them both.

It's no wonder that Amy and Carina's dating lives are turbulent considering they share a bed together. They reportedly spend 18 hours of the day together, and the other six hours are the two sleeping in the same bed, (via TV Shows Ace). While Amy begins to focus on her love life, Carina is focusing on her business. She owns a meatball business called My Balls where she sells meatballs, her own sauce, and meatball sandwiches.

Amy and Carina are definitely going to be a pair to look out for on the new season of "sMothered," and we can say with certainty that the two definitely belong on this program.