Only 3% Of People Are Excited To Do This After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is a long-awaited miracle to some after a year of fear, isolation, and the unknown. As of this writing, half of all adults in the United States were fully vaccinated against this novel virus that changed the world, according to NPR. In addition, the CDC announced in May of 2021 that fully vaccinated people can resume life as normal without masks. Normal? What's normal?

What does normal even mean when for more than a year you've been told that if you go unmasked in public and get within 6 feet of people outside your home you run the risk of catching a virus that could feel like a cold or send you to the ICU? It means, we can do things we haven't been able to do in a long time. The List conducted a survey of 699 people in the U.S. and asked them what was the first thing they want to do after they're fully vaccinated, and the thing the least amount of people want to do may surprise you.

What people can't wait to do after being vaccinated against COVID-19

Some people may have been lonely and longing for company during the coronavirus pandemic, but only 3.29% of people surveyed by The List actually want to get back out there into the dating scene. Perhaps they found they can go it solo better than imagined.

The thing that people most want to do is travel. That's right, a whopping 45.64% of people polled can't wait to get back to seeing the world, or at least taking a relaxing vacation anywhere other than their house. Going out to eat in a restaurant came in second with 22.75% of Americans surveyed looking forward to someone serving them a delicious meal they didn't have to cook themselves. Heavenly.

Coming in third place with 14.74% of those polled is going to the movies in a theater rather than on your couch. Who can resist all that buttery movie popcorn. Going to a party came in fourth place with 13.59% of the vote. Forget getting together on Zoom, whose revenue was up by $22 million in 2020 (via Statista). You want to mingle with people in person. However, mingling may be all you want to do. As mentioned before, only 3% of people are ready to date again.