The Real Reason You Shouldn't Buy Knives At Dollar General

If you're on a tight budget, Dollar General and other dollar stores can be a great place to find home essentials and reasonably priced pantry staples. Fans of Dollar General love finding name brand items like candy and frozen food for up to two-thirds less than its sold for at big box stores and drug stores (via BargainBabe).

Other good deals at dollar stores include beauty staples like bobby pins and hair ties, paper goods and stationery, and seasonal kids' toys like pool floats and sand toys (via Good Housekeeping). Items that are the same regardless of brand and that aren't meant to last for a long time are safe bets to buy at dollar stores.

But there are some products at the dollar store that you should steer clear of, despite the temptation of rock-bottom prices. It's not worth saving a few dollars if what you're purchasing is an inferior product that will be short-lived at best and dangerous at worst.

Knives from Dollar General are poorly made and dull

One item you should never buy at Dollar General or other dollar stores is knives. Cheap knives are cheap for a reason: they're poorly constructed, dull, and prone to breaking and rusting.

Knives are a kitchen item not to skimp on because cheap knives can be a safety hazard.

"These won't be sharp," said consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch of knives from dollar stores (via Reader's Digest). "Dull knives can be very dangerous," Woroch told Reader's Digest.

Cheap knives are often made with poor-quality metal and have blades that are thin and bendy. This can result in a blade that is fragile and snaps or chips, which can be dangerous (via All About Kitchen Knives).

Handle quality is also important when considering which kitchen knife to buy. Cheaper knives often have poorly made handles that can be uncomfortable or slippery to hold, which could result in the knife slipping from your grip.

And aside from safety concerns, the budget-minded should be aware that buying cheap knives from Dollar General doesn't actually save money in the long run. If you have to constantly replace broken, dull knives you would be better off investing in a quality kitchen knife to begin with.