The Real Reason Jonah Johnston's Parents Want Him To Move Out

Viewers of TLC's "7 Little Johnstons" are divided. Amber and Trent Johnston's determination to get all five of their children, Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, and Emma, moved out of their house by the time they're adults is causing the rift (via TV Shows Ace).

Honestly, any parenting decision is questioned these days as celebrities who have been parent shamed can attest to. So it's no surprise that the Johnstons are being dragged by some and praised by others on Instagram for their push to get 21-year-old Jonah into his own apartment.

Raising their two biological, and three adopted children to be self-reliant has been a narrative of the show. But the decision to get Jonah out of the house goes deeper than simply wanting an empty nest. His parents want to motivate Jonah to get out of his slump (via TLC). Plus he's nicer when girlfriend Ashley is around, but difficult when she's gone, which makes living with him a not so fun situation, according to People.

Tough love to motivate change

Since 2015, viewers have watched the family of seven with achondroplasia dwarfism grow up and say no to any special accommodations to help prepare themselves for life in the real world. Now it's time for Jonah Johnston to put those lessons into practice.

Implementing the tough love parenting strategy, Trent and Amber have ultimately given Jonah three months to move out. That may mean moving to North Carolina with girlfriend Ashley, who has finally been accepted by the family (per Distractify). While it's unclear where Jonah will end up, it's apparent to viewers that the ultimatum is meant to motivate him to work on himself, learn how to handle his finances, and find a job he enjoys. "Giving him the timeline is hard but it's the struggle that makes you stronger. At the end of the day it's tough love," Trent and Amber explain (via TLC).

Amber's been transparent about Jonah needing to figure out his path and move out of the house. In an exclusive interview with The List, Amber shared one of the storylines of the upcoming season of the show would be Jonah working and eventually moving out of the house. She said, "He is working, but we can't just keep staying on cruise control at mom and dad's house. We've got to plan together and put it in place and work on moving out and finding our own place." Only time will tell if tough parenting pans out for the family.