Think Twice Before Buying Your Dairy At The Dollar Store

Shopping at the dollar store of your choice is a great way to save a little money and stock up on what you need. But not everything is best bought at an extra low price. One thing that you might want to think twice about buying at the dollar store is dairy, and milk in particular. You likely won't get as high of a quality, or a quantity, as you need; so the savings probably aren't worth it. 

Many dollar stores have a small refrigerated section that holds perishable grocery items like milk, butter, eggs, and meats. And those staple items can be tempting at such a low price. Dollar General in particular sells gallons of DairyPure Vitamin D Milk at most of its locations. But rather than reach into the shelves there, you may want to consider saving that item on your grocery list for the next time you're in your local grocery store.

Why dollar store dairy isn't the move

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to choose your milk and dairy products elsewhere. For one thing, dollar stores often sell lower quality dairy products at higher prices than the average grocery store due to limited quantities (via The Guardian). This smaller serving size at a higher price conundrum extends beyond just milk and dairy. The Today show, meanwhile, reported that the dollar store packaged beverages overall, including soda and juices, are not as good of a deal as they may seem. You may only be paying a dollar for that pop, but it's not a deal if you're only getting a single liter versus the two-liter containers offered at grocery stores. 

Another reason why you might want to buy your dairy elsewhere is its shelf-life after you buy it. Insider reported that milk and dairy at the dollar store is likely close to its expiration date and you may find yourself with expired dairy sooner than you anticipated. 

There are plenty of savings to be found at the dollar store, but dairy just isn't it, friends.