Here's Why Drinking Water Is Key After Breaking A Fast

When coming out of a fast, it is important to be strategic about the first things that you put into your body. While you may be dying to get your blood sugar back up with something extra sweet or savory, it can be best to stick to the basics. As an essential building block of the human body, here's why drinking water is key after breaking a fast. 

While on a fast, your body is cleansing itself of toxins and your cells are going through processes that don't occur while you are eating regularly. Without the need to constantly process glucose, your cells produce energy in other ways, explains Susan Puckett, a physician assistant in internal medicine and otolaryngology at Boulder Medical Center. 

Your body quickly enters a state of gluconeogenesis during fasting, where it produces its own sugar. During this process, the liver converts non-carbohydrate materials like lactate, amino acids, and fats into glucose energy. According to Puckett, your body also goes into ketogenesis, the process popularized by the keto diet. And while these processes can have benefits, they are also a bit of a strain on your body and water can help you stabilize.

Water is easy to digest after fasting

Jumping into a big, heavy meal after a fast can put a lot of strain on your digestive system. For that reason, it is best to ease it into something more gentle to handle. Water is easy to digest and hydration is key to healthy digestion. And along with having water after a fast, water is also safe to drink during a fast. It does not impact your blood sugar or insulin levels like food does, so you can experience all of the benefits of fasting while drinking water as well (per Healthline). In fact, water is recommended during intermittent fasting for that very reason.

Aside from grabbing a glass of water after your fast is over, you want to start eating again gradually. Healthy fats like avocados and hard boiled eggs are excellent choices after fasting, according to BetterMe. Other good options include soups, smoothies, dried fruits, and fresh fruit juices.

Fasting can be great for your body, but be sure to stay informed and give your body what it needs when that time is over.