Think Twice Before Buying Your Coffee At The Dollar Store

Is there anything better than a nice hot cup of Joe in the morning to get you ready for the day ahead? Almost half of all U.S. adults drink two or three cups of the caffeinated beverage each day, with half of adults agreeing with the idea that "coffee is pure pleasure to me" (via Statista). You might consume a different type of coffee — or a different brand — than your friends and family, but one thing's for certain: An awful lot of us enjoy coffee. 

Maybe you buy your coffee as part of your regular shop at Walmart or Target, or perhaps you buy from a specialty shop. Alternatively, you might pick up coffee at the dollar store from time to time. However, you might want to think twice before doing so. As useful as the dollar store can be for buying almost anything you can think of, it's best to give it a miss if coffee is what you need — here's why. 

The quality of dollar store coffee is lower reports that the coffee at the dollar store isn't too great, with Sarah from the Sensational Finds YouTube channel describing it as not tasting too good — while dollar store creamer isn't a good value per ounce either. However, she's not alone. A user on Reddit describes Dollar Tree coffee as being "almost palatable," but ultimately "truly not good," while saying, "if you had an extremely limited budget and wanted coffee that didn't totally offend your senses, I'd recommend it," really making dollar store coffee sound like a last resort. 

Meanwhile, Kiplinger advises against buying both perishable and non-perishable groceries at the dollar store as a rule, as freshness and quality can be in doubt, unless the goods come in a can. They also advise against buying generic brands at the dollar store, but make the point that brand-name products aren't necessarily going to be cheaper, so they recommend having a look elsewhere for coffee.