32% Of People Agree That Moms Should Skip Buying This Popular Baby Product

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Ok, so you're having a baby, yay! However, the incredible array of baby products out there is completely overwhelming — between diaper bags and strollers, to toys to cribs, where do you even start? When it comes time to put that gift registry together for your baby shower, you might start to ask yourself if all of these items really necessary? Will they just take up space in a storage area of your home and then go in the pile for Goodwill a few years down the road?

For some baby products, that is eventually what happens. According to Parenting, new parents spend around $2,500 a year on the basic necessities like baby food, diapers, and formula. So do you really need all the other items that look so fun, but can cost you?

Remember, women have been having babies since the beginning of time and although some modern items make raising little ones easier, some families can definitely do without, as normal household items can work as well as those marketed specifically as must-haves for new parents. The List surveyed 692 residents across the United States and asked which baby products you can just skip buying — people had something to say. 

This one baby item comes with drawbacks

Yes, diapers smell and you can't wait to dispose of them once you change your baby and put them in a fresh, new diaper. However, 32.08% of those surveyed by The List felt a Diaper Genie is a waste of cash and space.

So what is the magical-sounding Diaper Genie? As noted on Amazon, the Diaper Genie is a diaper pail, specifically made for clean, efficient, and odor-free diaper discarding. According to Today, the bags made specially for this item come with extra layers of odor protection, but experienced parents will know when that many diapers fill one can, it may not matter what kind of bags hold the soiled diapers if that many have been sitting in one bag for so long. You'll also be paying more money in the long run for the special Diaper Genie bags, versus just using regular trash bags.

One alternative to the Diaper Genie is to place dirty diapers in a plastic bag, tie the bag tight to contain the smell, and throw it in the kitchen trash you empty much more often — just make sure to wash your hands

What other baby products are just not needed?

Coming in second in The List's survey with 21.97% is a bassinet. NPR reported that the percentage of parents who co-sleep grew from 6% to 24% between 1993 and 2015, making a bassinet unnecessary. Other parents still prefer to keep a baby in their crib from the moment they bring the infant home.

Coming in third is baby detergent, with 17.05% feeling you don't need to buy this. At one time, baby detergent was much more gentle than regular detergent. However, with so many companies offering versions minus harsh ingredients that don't cost more, parents now feel confident not buying specially marked (and marketed) baby detergent. In fourth place, with 15.75% of the vote, is a changing table, as you can essentially change a baby on any clean surface.

Finally, 13.15% of respondents feel new moms don't need a baby bathtub. For years, moms washed their baby in a clean sink, and it's not a trend that's going away any time soon. There are also baby seats that stay upright for older babies and recline for younger ones that can be placed right in your bathroom's standard tub.