Think Twice Before Buying Jewelry At Walmart

Walmart is a go-to store for anything and everything. A look at the retail chain's data even shows the top-selling items in each state, including bath mats, insulated tumblers, toothpaste, coin banks, DVDs, and toys (via Walmart).

While the variety of choices at low prices appeals to shoppers, there are certain products that experts say not to buy from this store. This includes jewelry, which may not be as high of a quality as when purchased in jewelry stores. These specialized places are filled with highly trained professionals who know the ins and outs of the stylish pieces they offer.

Despite these warnings, Walmart actually sells millions of dollars of bling and baubles annually and recently revamped this section in many of its locations, as reported by Talk Business & Politics. So why should consumers avoid buying jewelry from this spot? Some experts on the topic spoke on the very reasons.

When it comes to buying jewelry, a specialty shop is a better alternative

According to CBS News, the majority of jewelry sold at Walmart each year is made up of "lower quality, small-ticket items." While the store does carry fine jewelry, that is not usually its true area of expertise, meaning a shop that solely focuses on diamonds and gold will be better versed on cuts, metals, and so on. Speaking to CBS News, Jennifer Heebener of JCK Magazine, which covers this industry, put it like this, "What message does it send to your partner if you buy them a ring at the same place where you get discounted toilet paper?"

Kerry Sherin of echoed these thoughts in HuffPost, "If you are buying jewelry at what would be deemed a discount store, don't expect to get the best quality items." Her alternative suggestion is to go to places with "experts that can walk you through the process of picking out a quality piece of jewelry."