Everything To Know Before Getting A Multi-Textured Perm

A perm might be a hairstyle that you associate with your grandparents' generation, but we've got news for you — perms are back in a big way. As per StyleCraze, the 1980s are back, and perming is just another part of it. What's great about modern perming — apart from the range of perming options now available — is the fact that, according to StyleCraze, a perm no longer has to wreck the health of your hair. Advances in hairstyling technology has meant that you can still achieve that perfect permed look, but without using harsh chemicals that lead to damaged hair, making after-care a whole lot easier. 

When it comes to wavy or curly hair, sometimes a curling iron just won't do. Byrdie noted how permanent solutions to transforming limp, fine hair into voluminous locks can up your hair game beyond recognition, and how there's a perm for every hair desire. Good Housekeeping reported that the perms of today are nothing like the tight, spiral curls of the 1980s. While those bushy perms associated with the decade might be outdated, there are plenty of modern perming styles.

One of the most popular perms right now is the multi-textured perm — a more natural-looking perm that features a combination of loose waves or curls.

Here's how a multi-textured perm is achieved

As per Byrdie, a multi-textured perm is ideal for someone who is looking for a perm that's less uniform and that creates a more natural-looking curl. It's the range of curl sizes and shapes that a multi-textured perm offers that makes its waves look so natural. Hair stylist Mateo Lara explained that, "Multi-textured perms are my absolute favorite. These perms use a combination of different-size rods to create that more believable, natural-looking curl."

Good Housekeeping noted that perms work by using chemical formulas to alter hair texture, creating wavy or curly hair. For traditional perming, a hair stylist would wrap the hair around rods before adding perm lotion onto the hair to set the curl in place. Once the lotion has set, the lotion is then washed out, the hair is dried, and a neutralizer is added to stop the perming process. 

However, the creation of new formulas and techniques have changed the way that perming is performed. In order to create the perfect wave, stylists now use a combination of different tools and materials. Celebrity hairstylist Anthony Cole explained that, "When I'm doing perms today, instead of using a traditional perm rod, sometimes I use fabric, or you can do a finger wave, or rollers."

Armed with this knowledge, you can now go get a multi-textured perm and know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to the perm process.