The Real Difference Between Brow Lamination And Microblading

Eyebrow trends come and go, and we make mistakes and learn as we go. The eyebrows are like any other part of our face — we have to learn not only proper techniques, but also what works best for our skin, because everyone is different and prefers different designs and treatments. Two treatments that are less of trends and more of increasingly popular eyebrow routines are brow lamination and microblading. According to Gameela Skin, eyebrow treatments are hands down one of the most requested treatments at salons, but it's important to know exactly what each brow service is before you request and commit to it. 

Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing in which small hairs are drawn onto your skin via a small needle to create a tattooed eyebrow that looks full, lush, and real (via Cosmopolitan). In fact, microblading looks so real because the dye particles are less concentrated in microblading ink, causing a softer appearance than a body tattoo. However, don't let the word tattoo scare you. Cosmopolitan noted that the procedure isn't as painful as it sounds, and they're only semi-permanent, so you're not making a lifelong commitment when you get microblading done. Instead, you'll save yourself time and money every day because you won't have to draw on your eyebrows with pencils or gels, or face the tweezers ever again.

The key difference between brow lamination and microblading may not be what you think it is

While microblading is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattoo, brow lamination can best be described as "a perm for your existing eyebrows to restructure the brow hair" (via Gameela Skin). Like microblading, brow lamination doesn't last forever, meaning you're not committing to anything too serious. The process involves two to three perm solutions on your eyebrows, which helps sculpt them into a shape that will last a while. Gameela Skin's treatment, for example, lasts six to eight weeks, and leaves eyebrows looking fluffy and full. 

There are a few key differences between microblading and brow lamination. The former is going to last longer, anywhere from one to three years according to Cosmopolitan, while the latter will give you a more natural look than microblading will, per Gameela Skin. However, microblading might be more beneficial for people whose eyebrows were lost to alopecia, according to Cosmopolitan, as good microblading technicians are able to carve out a brow without the need for existing hair. Ultimately, one big difference is the use of a needle, so if you have a fear of the pointy tools, you may want to opt for brow lamination.