Everything We Know About Obsidian Healing Crystals

Getting and using healing crystals can be overwhelming. There are countless types of crystals, and they all have really fascinating names, though they may take a while to memorize. Still, each is said to have their own properties, so if you're going to get started on a crystal collection, you need to know what they do. This is your guide to obsidian crystals. 

According to crystal shop Charms of Light, obsidian is a type of volcanic glass and usually comes in shades of black, silver, and brown. Obsidian has been used for its properties since ancient times. Black obsidian, for example, has been used in witchcraft forever (via HealingCrystals.com).

Charms of Light also explain that obsidian, especially black varieties, are protective in nature, meaning they expel negativity, greed, and selfishness, which also makes them great healing crystals to use when dealing with trauma. Black obsidian can also be used in scrying (aka seeing into the future), and medicinally can clear "the blockages that cause disease" (via HealingCrystals.com) due to being a protector.

Obsidian belongs to more than one natural element

When diving into crystal research, you're going to stumble across a variety of categories and criteria that each stone falls into. These include chakras and elements, and they're all very important. For example, obsidian represents the base chakra, is especially apt for use with Sagittarians and Scorpios, is of the earth and fire elements, and aligns with vibration number 1 (via Charms of Light). This may sound overwhelming at first, but all this means is that obsidian works best with certain people, draws its power from certain elements, and works in very specific ways.

We know that obsidian can help disparage disease thanks to HealingCrystals.com, but what else can it do for the body? According to The Bead Traders, obsidian is purportedly helpful in relieving cramps, including those related to menstrual cycles, as well as in aiding the digestive system by dissolving blockage. Charms of Light also notes that obsidian is perfect to use if you're seeking fulfillment, metamorphosis, purification, and/or transformation, and honing your psychic ability.

By acting as a protector, obsidian draws out your natural power. It relieves stress, which allows you to tackle your problems head on. This clarity then helps you stay healthy. If you've never bought crystals before, obsidian may be a great place to start. They're perfect for beginners and experts alike, and a little protection never hurt anyone!