Everything We Know About Clear Quartz Healing Crystals

There are so many reasons to adore crystals, from their awe-inspiring beauty to the believed powers they hold. Crystals have been known to be used for healing purposes, energy balancing, skincare, and even as a protective shield (via Net-A-Porter). You can wear your crystal as a piece of jewelry, place them strategically in the home, or just have one in your pocket.

Crystals are a part of many self-care practices such as massage, meditation, praying, and chanting, and they also have a place in alternative medicine (via Healthline). Esthetician Marie Reynolds told Net-A-Porter that she uses crystals regularly, and hides a selection of them in her bra as she believes that when the crystals touch the skin, they are most beneficial. She said, "If you need a boost, just sitting holding a crystal in your hand for 20 minutes can help." 

Each crystal is said to have a unique energy flow and healing ability, and all can promote overall well-being. The clear quartz is said to be a powerhouse crystal that can deliver multiple benefits.

Use clear quartz for clarity and healing

You may benefit from a clear quartz if you are looking for direction, clarity, or focus (per The Brain Health Magazine). It is often used in meditative practices due to its clearing abilities and power to propel the meditator's intent. This beautiful stone is especially helpful with clearing the mind of destructive thoughts and enhancing the ability to receive spiritual guidance (via The Healing Chest). It is also said to improve memory and concentration. 

According to Healthline, the clear quartz crystal is considered the "master healer," and is believed to strengthen the energies of other crystals you may be using. The crystal is believed to amplify any healing methods you are practicing, and per The Healing Chest, the clear quartz has long been used for helping to heal physical ailments. It can also be helpful for those needing improved balance, an immune system boost, or for people who live with migraine headaches.

Scientific studies may be limited on how crystals can benefit you, yet there are healers, yogis, and people from all walks of life who will attest to the stones' healing properties. They are also aesthetically pleasing with no known adverse effects which makes getting yourself a clear quartz a no-brainer.