These Products Could Be Secretly Ruining Your Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with it (via iDiva). It seems like so much of the typical hair advice is created for people with straight or mostly straight hair. If you happen to have curls and coils in your locks, you might have tried all sorts of products and curly hair methods to help tame your curls. Anything from humidity to brushing can leave your hair looking unruly. Unfortunately, even if you find products that work well for you, a formula change could end up causing damage to your careful curl routine. Shab Reslan, a hairstylist, and hair health advisor at HairClub told Bustle, "Curly hair has to be treated entirely differently because of the fact that it is a dryer hair type naturally."

There are a few products you might be using on your locks that cause damage, and you might be ruining your curly hair without even realizing it. While it shouldn't be rocket science to figure out what ingredients are in your hair products, sometimes it feels like you need a degree from the school of curls to get it all right. From shampoos to conditioners to towels and even hair clips, there are things you might be doing that make your hair more difficult to manage (via Function of Beauty).

Here's why you should think twice before using these products on curly hair

The number one curl sin is using a shampoo with sulfates in it, according to Naturally Curly. While the ingredient helps shampoos lather, it also strips your hair of its natural oils, making it a no-no for curls. Check your shampoo ingredients, and if yours lists sulfates, you should ditch it as soon as possible. Also, Bustle warns that you shouldn't wash your hair too often, even without the sulfates. Naturally Curly noted that using a heavy hair oil could cause your locks to become limp, instead recommending a light-weight oil of jojoba, sweet almond, argan, lemongrass, or pomegranate seeds to help keep your curls moisturized. 

A cotton pillowcase could also lead to dry, brittle curls, Function of Beauty reported. Instead of cotton, which absorbs your hairs' natural oils, try a silk pillowcase instead. Another sneaky way to damage your hair is by using uncoated or damaged hair clips (via Naturally Curly). Ensure your hair decorations have a safety coating on the tips and aren't missing any prongs. Even using the wrong type of towel could cause problems (via Bustle). Instead of a regular terrycloth towel, you should try a microfiber towel to soak up excess water after a shower. Finally, a hairbrush could also damage your coils. Try a wide-tooth comb, and detangle in the shower. While it may take some trial and error, you can eliminate sneaky products that damage your curly hair.